Fallas 2023: The diversion of a carcass from the ‘mascletà’ causes at least 21 injuries in Valencia | Valencian Community | Spain | The USA Print

Pirotecnia Zaragozana shoots the ‘mascletà’ this Friday.JCF (JCF)

The deviation of a casing from the assembly of the traditional mascleta in the Fallas festivities, which was fired this Friday in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, has caused at least 21 injuries, two of them with serious burns on their legs, according to the Red Cross, and a total of 13 transferred to centers hospital, in most cases with minor burns or hearing disorders.

As reported by the Local Police, the accident could have been caused by a casing that did not detonate in the air but upon reaching the ground, in the area located in front of the town hall, near the corner with Calle Barcas. At the time of firing the mascleta It is estimated that the capacity of the square and the surrounding streets, where people crowd, exceeds 100,000 people. Both in the square and in the streets there are fenced evacuation corridors, without people, to deal with emergencies.

The Ministry of Health has treated 13 patients in different hospitals as a result of the accident that occurred in the mascleta from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Valencia. The patients had minor burns or injuries in the vast majority of cases or hearing problems. Most have been discharged before 5:00 p.m.

One of the injured during the 'mascletà'.
One of the injured during the ‘mascletà’. JCF (EFE)

The Red Cross report also reports that 27 people have been treated for fainting during the mascletà this Friday, fired as is traditional at two o’clock in the afternoon and that on this occasion it has been carried out by Pirotecnia Zaragozana, from the Aragonese capital.

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The shot of the mascleta from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a challenge for pyrotechnic companies. It is the biggest biggest showcase. La Pirotecnia Zaragozana, a historic company from the Aragonese capital, has fired this Friday the tenth mascletà of Las Fallas 2023 with a “classic” proposal starring a “powerful” earthquake and final aerial bombardment and dedicated to “making visible” people with diseases rare. The shot lasted about five minutes and 90 kilos of gunpowder were used.

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