Exercising improves memory in older people | The USA Print

English researchers followed the exercise habits of 1,400 participants over 30 years and found that even physical activity one to four times a monthsuch as jogging, swimming, yoga or just a brisk walk, could protect memory in old age. Moderately active people performed better than those who exercised less frequently. At least 30 minutes of a series of activities, such as badminton, dancing, football or fitness exercises, counted as one exercise session. Study results also showed that exercising once a month can protect memory for 30 years.

Trials are underway to determine whether staying in shape may delay the onset of dementia.physical exercise frequent improves blood circulation in the brainresulting in increased activity in areas associated with learning and memory (source 1).

“Our study provides evidence to encourage inactive adults to be active, even to a small degree… at any point in adulthood,” says Dr Sarah-Naomi James, UCL researcher and lead researcher of the test.

The study results are particularly relevant for older people who often face diminished memory and cognition. Improving memory and cognition through exercise can help prevent the onset of dementia and to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

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