Evicted a building in the center of Madrid due to damage to a structural pillar that forces 20 families to sleep outside | Madrid | The USA Print

The kitchen of the Indian restaurant Preity Raj, at number 29 Ave María street, in the central Lavapiés neighborhood, has collapsed around two in the afternoon. That has been the trigger that has led the Madrid firefighters to evict the 20 homes on the portal. Door by door, the residents have been taken out of their homes immediately after the restaurant’s notification to the Emergencies, which has verified that one of the structural pillars had damage that has affected the safety of the rest of the building. The neighbors, accompanied by the firefighters, have had a few minutes to return to their homes and take what is important. Gloria Baz, who lived rented on the fifth floor with her boyfriend, has recounted that “it was like when they tell you what you would save from a fire: you run for the car keys, documentation, clothes and money and you run out”.

Building technicians from the Urban Planning area of ​​the Madrid City Council have propped up the structure of the bar to secure the building. Emergencies points out that the damage to the structure has been caused by a land wash: the subsoil has soaked and caused a movement of land that has affected the building. From the area of ​​Heritage and Urbanism they have indicated that the reason that has caused this land laundering is still unknown. “The priority has been to secure the building, the situation is risky and they have to be careful,” said a spokeswoman.

Issan Gretli, a neighbor on the fourth floor, is the owner and is very afraid of what might happen. “It’s the savings of a life that are there.” The workers have told them that in two or three days they will already know what has caused this and what is going to happen. “We also don’t know who will be legally responsible, we hope that the insurance company will take over and, as it is a historic building, the Heritage area will also intervene”, he supposes.

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None of the neighbors know when they will be able to return or even if they will be able to. Only one family has been attended by Samur Social, which, just in case, has also collected the data of the rest of the families. Gretli is with his wife and his two children at a relative’s house; Baz and her boyfriend at a friends house. Baz has a little more hope. As far as she knows, the houses above the restaurant, the letters A and B, are more dangerous. She lives on the other side, but she doesn’t expect to return home for two weeks.

The councilor for the Madrid Urban Development area lamented the incident on Twitter: “Thank the building technicians for their know-how in propping up the Ave María 29 building. Work will continue for a couple of days. The 20 houses evicted and all safe. Only one family has applied @SamurSocialMAD”. Thank you all”. The Municipal Police have removed the parked cars.

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