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Michelle Yeoh in 'Everything at the same time everywhere', winner at the Oscars 2023



The Hollywood Film Academy has left without ‘statues’ at the Oscars 2023 to ‘The Fabelmans’the last film of Steven Spielberg. However, it has awarded a film that, already being the favorite since the nominations, has not finished permeating in Spain. ‘Everything at once everywhere’from the ‘Daniels’, has won seven awards, but in this country he is at the bottom of the list in terms of ticket office it means.

Best film, best direction, best leading actress, best original screenplay… these are just some of the awards with which the dramatic comedy of science fiction starring Michelle Yeoh immersed in the metaverse. It has not caught by surprise because it had eleven nominations, but it seems that in Spain has not finished curdling.

The 139-minute film premiered in the United States on March 25 -almost a year ago-, while it arrived in Spain on June 3. Since last March, the film by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert has raised about 108 million dollars worldwide and its opening weekend brought in $501,305 at the box office. With a budget of 25 million.

Spielberg has not received such a warm hug from the Academy, but at the Spanish box office it seems that he is permeating the public.

Of that amount, in Spain He hasn’t had much luck and, all in all, has raised 626,028 euros. If the figure is shelled, the film collected the first weekend just over 100,000 euros, and so far in 2023, the figure stands at 76,055 euros. In addition, it is located in position 96 of highest grossing films in this country, the 99 in number of viewers and 102 if we talk about the best first weekend.

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Michelle Yeoh in ‘Everything at the same time everywhere’, winner at the Oscars 2023

The box office of Steven Spielberg and ‘The Fabelmans’

For his part, Spielberg has not received such a warm hug from the Academy, but in the Spanish box office seems to be getting through to the public. ‘Los Fabelman’ premiered in the United States on November 11 and did not arrive in Spain until relatively recently, on February 10.

The 151-minute film, which through a biography tells the story of the filmmaker, had a budget of 40 million dollars. The movie has raised to date and globally 38 million dollars and in its first weekend the figure stood at 161,579 dollars.

'The Fabelmans', nominated for the Golden Globes and the Oscars 2023
‘The Fabelmans’

In Spain, viewers are being more appreciative of the film by the director of ‘Jaws (1975). Having been released just over a month ago, the film has already grossed €1.4 million, getting the first weekend 436,413 euros. Also, it ranks 13 highest grossing films this year, the eighth so far in 2023, and also the 13th in number of viewers.

So it seems that In Spain, classic cinema continues to attract much more and by the hand of the maestro Steven Spielberg than a sci-fi story based in the multiverse. But not only that, all the other films nominated for the most coveted category of the Oscars are ahead of the production of ‘Daniels’.

Collection of films nominated for the Oscars

Specific, ‘Avatar: the Way of Water‘ remains the highest grossing too this 2023having collected €23.18 million since it was released in this country on December 16 (the global figure is 2,283 millionwith a budget of 250, the collection in Spain since its premiere, of 50 million euros). ‘The whale’ (‘The Whale’), which can be seen in theaters in this country since January 27, is ranked 12th in the ranking, with 1.6 million of euros.

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Avatar: The Way of Water
Avatar: The Way of Water20th Century Fox

After the 13th position of ‘Los Fabelman’ are ‘Banshees by Inisherin‘, in 17th place with €908,000 from February 3; ‘TÁR‘, at 20, with €811,758 from January 27; ‘The triangle of sadness‘, at 21 with 716,056 euros from February 17; and ‘They speak‘ (‘Women Talking’), which with €106,129 are at number 40, it premiered on February 17.