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Archive image of the commissioner Estibaliz Palma, dismissed from her post last March for her comments at a dinner.
Archive image of the commissioner Estibaliz Palma, dismissed from her post last March for her comments at a dinner.

The General Directorate of the Police has proposed sanctioning the commissioner Estíbaliz Palma Varona with five days of suspension of functions for commenting, during a tribute to an agent seriously injured during the altercations of autumn 2019 in Barcelona after the conviction of the leaders of the processthat “some of them would already like to be raped by a riot police”, according to has advanced The Independent and confirmed by EL PAÍS in police sources. The Ministry of the Interior considers the police command responsible for a serious offense for “publicly making inappropriate statements”, as stated in the sanction file to which this newspaper has had access.

When that comment was spread, the Ministry of the Interior had already abruptly dismissed Estíbaliz Palma as head of the Pontevedra Provincial Police Station and she was assigned to another position. Currently, Estíbaliz Palma is one of the 20 commissioners who have passed the selection process to start the promotion course to the category of chief commissioner, the highest within the National Police.

The file in which it is proposed to sanction Palma details that on March 11, during a meal in Vigo in honor of a police officer who had had to retire due to the consequences of the injuries he suffered during the Barcelona incidents in autumn 2019 , “he publicly made some statements in which he made reference to what was being commented on those days on social networks.” Specifically, the file indicates that, “among other phrases”, the commissioner said that “it seemed that the National Police had been transformed and, suddenly, raped, mistreated…” to add below about the comment on sexual assault by a member of the Police Intervention Units (UIP, known as riot police). The document highlights that these demonstrations “had a wide dissemination in the social media.”

For this reason, the instructor of the file concludes that the commissioner committed a serious fault included in Article 8.x of the Police Disciplinary Regulations, which contemplates sanctioning those agents for “the infraction of the duties or obligations inherent to the position or to the police function, when it occurs in a serious and manifest way”. The sanction provided for in the disciplinary regulations for serious offenses ranges from five days of suspension from functions to three months, so Interior has opted on this occasion for the lower part of this bracket.

The file will be seen at the meeting of the Commission on Personnel and Regulatory Projects of the Police Council (a joint body between the administration and the union representatives of the agents) scheduled for June 10. During it, the unions make allegations about the sanctions, although these are usually maintained, according to police sources.

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According to what was spread then, at that meal Commissioner Palma also made other controversial comments, which now do not appear in the disciplinary file. “There is a saying that behind a great man there is a good woman, that soon there will be a good man behind a good woman. Either another woman or a fluid. Or something, ”said the high-ranking police officer amid the laughter of her colleagues. The then commissioner of Pontevedra also recalled her previous destination in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), a town she referred to as a “national and non-republican square” and which was, she added, “a wonderful environment when you gave a chat”.

It was there where, according to what the commissioner is heard saying, her children asked her what the police were doing in Catalonia after seeing images of the charges during the altercations on social networks, which led to the comment about the women and the riot police that finally It cost the position and, now, the sanction proposal. Those words were also followed by laughter. Later, the commissioner seems to realize her mistake and is heard saying “hey, cut that!”, To a food attendant when she realizes that she was recording the act.

After divulge the recording 10 days after that dinner, the Ministry of the Interior contacted Estíbaliz Palma, who admitted to being the person who uttered these words, for which she was immediately dismissed for “loss of confidence.” She was assigned as head of the Provincial Information Brigade, a position of lower category than the one she held until then.


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