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New York Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat.

New York Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat.

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Although New York is a sanctuary city, Mayor Eric Adams believes that no metropolis should face immigration pressure like the Big Apple, where more than 70,000 immigrants have arrived, of which there are still at least 42,000.

The Democratic mayor considered that the country has enough cities and towns, 108,000, he said, to concentrate the sending of immigrants to certain points.

“If everyone takes a small piece of that, and if you coordinate at the border to ensure that those who come to this country legally move across the country, it’s not a burden on a city,” Adams said on CBS News. .

The mayor of New York has expressed his concern on other occasions about the number of immigrants sent to the city, and has even criticized President Joe Biden for not approving more resources to care for these people.

The Democrat is also facing pressure from residents of New York, because he has implemented schools and hotels as refuge centers, but the neighborhoods are under pressure due to the number of people who have arrived.

Adams acknowledged that New York City does not have the resources to deal with the number of immigrants being sent by bus, a strategy pioneered by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Adams no longer targeted President Biden this time, but rather the Republicans in Congress.

“The problem is that the Republicans for too many years have failed to address real immigration reform… This is a national problem. No city should … be going through this, including El Paso, Brownsville,” Adams said.

The mayor has reopened some hotels, such as the famous Roosevelt, to house immigrants, who are also offered food.

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