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A chronic gynecological disease affecting at least one in ten women, endometriosis is increasingly known to the general public, or rather, less and less misunderstood and taboo. Evidenced by the figures from an IPSOS survey for the Foundation for Research on Endometriosis (FRE).

Conducted from February 14 to 17, with 1,501 French people aged 18 to 75 representative of the population, this indicates that 83% of French men and women have already heard of this disease, and 74% even claim to know very well. well what it’s about. Remember that endometriosis is characterized by the presence of tissues similar to the endometrium (uterine mucosa) present outside the uterus, for example on the bladder, in the ovaries, on the rectum or even on the diaphragm. Sensitive to hormones governing the female cycle, these lesions bleed and cause pain and inflammationsometimes only during menstruation, sometimes at other times (when going to the bathroom, during intercourse, during ovulation, or even on a daily basis).

Companies still not very committed

The IPSOS survey focused more specifically on the place of endometriosis in the world of work, particularly in companies. Unfortunately, it reveals that the disease, which can strongly impact professional life due to pain and absenteeism resulting from it, is still little taken into account.

Among the respondents currently in employment and having already heard of the disease, 20% believe that it is not taken into account in their company, and 61% do not know anything about it because they have never received information about it at work. Only 14% report that their company has conducted awareness campaigns or actions in favor of the women concerned. on the other hand, 11% of respondents consider that endometriosis has had negative career impacts of their sick colleagues, or that they had to leave the company purely and simply because of their illness.

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What measures are favored by the French?

However, 53% of the French men and women questioned believe that companies have a role to play in supporting the women affected. Only 17% believe that it is not their role.

Of those polled who believe companies should take action in this area, 62% believe this should result in more flexibility in terms of telework and 55% in terms of working hours. The layout of the workstation and the etablishing of menstrual leaveare cited next.

The training of managers and the awareness of employees collect only 30% of voters and the listening or mentoring units 20%. I’RQTH supportwhich recognizes handicapped worker is chosen by only 23% of people convinced that the company must act, and the offer of complementary mutual insurance by only 22%.

It should be noted that the women with endometriosis and interviewed here favored RQTH support more than the possibility of teleworking.

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