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End of rape trial against Donald Trump is near

The former president’s defense donald trump will not present any witnesses in the trial that is taking place in New York for rape and subsequent defamation of the writer E.Jean Carrollaccording to what his lawyers said this Wednesday before the judge.

On Tuesday it was also confirmed that Trump himself would not attend the trial – a power granted to him by Judge Lewis Kaplan himself – and his lawyer Joe Tacopina said then that he would call a witness, an expert, but this Wednesday he rectified and He said he would not come because of a case of illnessas confirmed by various media present in the room.

Thus, the trial will proceed only with witnesses presented by the prosecution, and with that being the case, Judge Kaplan said that it is possible that the two parties will present their closing arguments before the jury early next weekwhich means that the end of the process is near.

This Wednesday it was the turn of the psychologist who treated Carroll for years, Leslie Lebowitz, who insisted that Carroll “She blamed herself for what happened, she felt stupid, (that) made her feel diminished compared to who she had been”and asked by a defense attorney whether Carroll presented the facts in a way that could make a profit, she ruled it out entirely.

After the psychologist, Carroll’s sister, Cande, took the stand, who confessed that she found out about the alleged rape at the same time as the rest of the world (in 2019 due to an article by Carroll in a magazine), but clarified that the two sisters they never exchanged confidences of an intimate nature: “We didn’t talk about those things”he said, and stressed that both belonged to “the silent generation”.

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Another witness who appeared this Wednesday was the Canadian Natasha Stoynoffwho claims that Trump attacked her in 2005 at her residence in Mar-a-Lago, where she (then a journalist) had gone for an interview.

Trump’s defense tried to discredit her for her political views, and she had to admit that she once branded Trump on Twitter the “enemy of the people”but he clarified that in his life he has sometimes voted for the Canadian Conservative Party.

This Thursday Carol Martin, Carroll’s friend to whom the latter confided and recounted the alleged rape, is scheduled to testify; it was Martin who apparently advised Carroll not to file a lawsuit against him because she would end up defeated by the “hundreds of lawyers” Trump could mobilize who would be able to “bury” her..

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