End of free Covid tests: prices from March 1 | The USA Print

As of March 1, and unless you are one of the categories excluded from the measure, you will now have to pay to be tested for Covid-19, whether via a PCR or antigen test. The government has just announced end of 100% support Covid tests by Health Insurance for all vaccinated people.

The remainder to be paid by the insured is determined according to the health professional delivering the test. The insured must pay 30 % the cost of the test if it is carried out by a doctor or a pharmacist and 40% if it is by a nurse or a physiotherapist “, specifies the government on its dedicated website.

From now on, it will therefore be necessary to pay, according to the practitioner who delivers the test, around fifteen euros for an RT-PCR test (costing around forty euros in the laboratory), and around 5 euros for an antigenic test (between 16 and 20 euros). Important clarification, if you benefit from complementary health insurance (mutuelle) or solidarity complementary health insurance, the user fees Covid-19 tests will be fully refunded. It will therefore simply be necessary to advance the sum.

Free that lasts for some

However, some people will continue to benefit from 100% reimbursement for Covid tests:

Finally, the government specifies that these new methods apply in metropolitan France as well as in all overseas departments and regions.

The future will tell if this measure translates into a drop in screenings and if this possible drop risks causing a return of the epidemic, especially next winter.

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