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Do you have a Professional Training Account (CPF) and were surely surprised by this information “Change in financing within the framework of the personal training account”? This change is part of the amendment to the 2023 finance bill (PLF) planned by the government. The objective: to set up a future financial participation for employees who use their CPF… Good or bad news?

What is this amendment?

Included in the draft State Budget for 2023 and voted in December 2022, this text aims to establish “a participation of the holder, whatever the amount of rights available on his account in order to finance a training action, a validation of acquired experience or a skills assessment”.

As an employee, you must therefore contribute financially to the training when you want to participate. A big change therefore, because the CPF is above all a solution for acquiring training rights, granted by the Caisse des Dépôts et consignations (CDC). This directly remunerates the training companies, which can be mobilized throughout professional life.

This contribution will be priced according to the costs of the training, but limited by a ceiling or set at a total sum.

Why such a change ?

Mainly for two reasons.

The first one, economic, is explained by the fact that making the holders of a CPF pay will make it possible to partially reduce the deficit of the national authority for financing and regulating vocational training: France Competences. As a reminder, the CPF’s online platform, My Training Account, has been worth more than 6.7 billion euros since its deployment in 2019.

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The second reason is related to the use of the CPF balance. According to the executive, this will help to place the training within the framework of a solid professional project. The purpose then consists in stopping the “free” training, thus making it possible to avoid any attempt at fraud.

Who will be affected?

Everyone ! Indeed, the bill requires that all CPF holders make their personal contribution, in any situation, regardless of the size of the available balance.

Of course, there are a few exceptions, including one for job seekers and another for employees who benefit from a “contribution from their employer to finance training”.

In addition, job seekers with a CPF will be exempted from this participation in order to satisfy the will of the government “not to penalize those who most need training”, as the amendment indicates.

If you are an employee, if external financing is granted by a third party such as the employer, for example, you may be exempted from personal participation. This is clearly stated in the text: “participation may be supported by a third party as part of a co-constructed training project”.

When will the text be applied?

It should take effect via the constitutional weapon of 49.3. The modifications concerning the CPF will only be valid after the publication of this decree, the publication date of which has not yet been communicated. We could, however, expect to see the measures put in place for the second quarter of 2023. Thus, any training project initiated from this period will have to submit to the new measures, the latter not taking into account the training courses launched before its application.

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