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the roof broke it parasites in February 2020 when it became the first non-English language film to win the most coveted award at the Oscars. After becoming a worldwide phenomenon, the squid game, seeks to replicate this Monday night the same success as Bong Joon-ho’s film and win the Emmy for best drama, another of the most important awards in the entertainment industry. The South Korean series has become Netflix’s flagship, contending for 14 awards at the night of the Television Academy Awards, presented by the comedian from Saturday night Live Kenan Thompson. Successionfrom HBO, however, is one of the great favorites of the night with its 25 nominations, followed by ted lassowith 20.

The dysfunctional Roy dynasty has cornered the Emmys since it began airing on HBO in 2018. In all, has won 10 statuettes, including one delivered this week for his choice of cast in the so-called Creative Emmys. This distinction unsubtly underscores the commanding dominance of the Jesse Armstrong-created series in acting categories. Brian Cox, who plays the patriarch of the family, and his eldest son in fiction, played by Jeremy Strong, compete for the award for best actor in a dramatic series. The rest of the nominees are all heavyweights: Bob Odenkirk, for Better Call Saul; Adam Scott, for Separation and Lee Jung-jae, for the squid gamewho dreams can keep the prize for not feeding the bad blood on the set of the Roy.

Succession It has a presence in all the categories of acting in a dramatic series, with the exception of best actress. The names of the applicants are old acquaintances, as they repeat as nominees. Laura Linny (Ozarks), Jodie Comer (killing eve), Sandra Oh (killing eve) and Zendaya (euphoria) had already appeared here in the 72nd edition of 2020, with Zendaya being the one who then won the award. Melanie Lynskey of yellowjackets and Reese Weetherspoon, for The Morning Show, they complete. Pools indicate that Zendaya is taking it home again for HBO’s teen drama, which topped the studios with 140 nominations. It is followed by Netflix, with 105.

Separation, from Apple TV +, could give one of the surprises of the night. Comedian Ben Stiller’s series was launched by the technology company in February without too much fuss. Over the months, it was conquering viewers thanks to a mysterious atmosphere and its sarcastic approach to the world of work, something that undoubtedly connected with the audience while discussing how to return to the offices after the pandemic. The series, which will have a second season, has 14 nominations. Veterans Christopher Walken and John Turturro compete in the supporting actor category with two of the best characters of the television year.

Netflix promotes its hit 'The Squid Game' at San Diego Comic Con.
Netflix promotes its hit ‘The Squid Game’ at San Diego Comic Con.ROBYN BECK (AFP)

Great successes come to the awards that have been consolidated in the past. ted lasso swept the Emmys of the pandemic, last year’s edition, making it very clear what people preferred between the hours of streaming that triggered the confinement around the world. Starring Jason Sudeikis, the Apple TV+ series is a candidate for 20 statuettes and is one of the great series to beat.

With the separation from his wife, Olivia Wilde, who has become one of Hollywood’s favorite gossips, Sudeikis has lost some of that aura of a good-natured, good-natured character. He arrives this Monday with two Emmys under his arm. One as an actor and one as a producer. He competes in the category with a duo that has become a sensation, at least in the United States. Comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short, two living legends in the industry, have been making waves for months thanks to Only murders in the buildinga series in which fans of the podcast crime scene obsesses over a homicide in their building.

This series, the star of Hulu (part of Disney) in the US, has 17 nominations and promises to be a worthy contender for Hacks, where Jean Smart plays a very famous comedian willing to do anything to avoid the decline of her career on stage. Smart won the Emmy for her performance last year and today she repeats among her favorites.

Abbott College this year joins comedy series that have added nominations and awards to established series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Curb your Enthusiasm, ted lasso. The series follows several teachers in the worst public school in the United States, and has the distinction of being produced by the free network ABC, one of the four big ones in the country. These four production companies, together with CBS, NBC and Fox, have a total of 86 Emmy nominations, an award that has been captured by the giants of the streaming for years. Hulu has 58; AppleTV+, 52; Disney+, 34; and Amazon Prime Video, 30. In the shadows of these giants live the traditional television networks.

Adam Scott is the protagonist of 'Separation'.
Adam Scott is the protagonist of ‘Separation’.AppleTV+

the squid game It is not the only phenomenon that is measured on the night of the academy. The same thing happens with The White Lotusa story of several characters who coincide in a resort luxury in Hawaii. The series has already won five technical awards out of the 20 for which it is nominated, the highest number only below Succession and tied with Ted Lasso. It was created by actor Mike White (School of Rock). only him Monday night aspires to three awards for direction, screenplay and best miniseries, in a series that leaves a very current portrait of the most privileged class. The success of the six episodes forced HBO to produce a second season, which will premiere in October.

In the category of best supporting actress in a miniseries, five of the seven applicants are part of The White Lotus: Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge -who is the favorite-, Alexandra Daddario, Natasha Rodwell and Sydney Sweeney. Mare Winningham and Kaitlyn Dever represent dopesick, a drama based on true stories of American victims of the opioid crisis, one of the great health scandals in the country in recent years and where pharmaceutical companies played a very important role. The protagonist of this series, Michael Keaton, is the rival to beat in the category of best actor in a miniseries.

Closest in the category of actress in a miniseries, dominated by actresses who brought real stories to life. Amanda Seyfried sounds among the favorites for getting into the skin of Elizabeth Holmes, the young businesswoman who deceived Silicon Valley with the promise of revolutionizing the health system with a blood analysis machine. Julia Garner has also been recognized for her portrayal of Anna Delvey, another audacious con artist among New York’s elite in Inventing Anna. Lily James, who plays Pamela Anderson in Pam and Tommy, appears in the same section. Like Toni Collette, who competes for The Staircase, who makes fiction a terrible homicide in the United States that broke up a family and left few without an opinion on who committed the crime.

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