Emily Rudd thanks fans for the unprecedented success of One Piece

Emily Rudd thanks fans for the unprecedented success of One Piece


Although he announced the live action adaptation of the popular manga and anime One Piece – Emily Rudd thanks fans for the unprecedented success of One Piece90%, brought many mixed reactions both in the fandom and in the general public, the truth is that a few days after its premiere, the series has exceeded all expectations. It is even now possible to affirm that this has established itself as a phenomenon on Netflix to which the main actress, Emily Rudd, has expressed herself with gratitude on social networks.

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From impending failure to unprecedented success

August 31 of this year marked the official launch of the long-awaited series, which was developed in full collaboration between the platform and the creative behind the franchise, Eiichiro Oda. Since then, the doubts dissipated like the mist on the high seas and the story achieved a great reception from locals and strangers, contact with the face of the Mexican Iñaki Godoy as the insignia of the freshness of the production.

Even more impressively, MovieWeb announced that the series has surpassed iconic Netflix titles such as Stranger Things in audience – Emily Rudd thanks fans for the unprecedented success of One Piece96% and Merlina – 69% thus confirming its surprising success. The same that has not only been reflected in numbers, but in the passion and emotion that all its fandom has shared online, because once it was confirmed as a good adaptation, fans of one of the most successful animes in history they got to work.

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Emily Rudd thanks fans for the unprecedented success of One Piece

A fan on board

One of the points that has managed to bring this adventure to life is its charismatic cast, in which Rudd has stood out for playing Nami in the series. Emily has previously confessed to being a passionate anime fan for a long time, and her dedication to landing her role is admirable. In an emotional statement on her social media, the actress shared her gratitude to her fans:

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I said it once before but now I have to say it again.. I can’t put it into words. Thank you thank you thank you. This is my dream, I love you all. I hope that now it is also your dream.

As she confesses, this is not the first time that the American actress has spoken enthusiastically about her love for the series and her favorite character, Nami, because in an interview for the media CBR, called it one of his favorite manga, feeling a special affinity with the character of Nami. In the same way, he exposed how after learning about the project, he did everything in his power to get the role for three years, revealing: “I dyed my hair red and cut it the same as Nami. I posted a video of me from when I was younger, twirling and doing somersaults, stuff like that.”

We now know that this tireless effort to portray Nami paid off, proving herself to be the perfect choice for the role. Not only her performance, but also that of the entire cast, has captivated fans and has shown that this live action adaptation is a fitting tribute to the universe created by Eiichiro Oda.

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More live action adaptations in the future?

These events are especially relevant, considering that just a couple of weeks ago, the worst was predicted for this production. Although the affections and all the visual apparatus of the series continues to be an aspect that viewers continue to speak out against, the rest of the narrative and historical elements have really saved One Piece from the wreck.

With this frank success, the public is already waiting for the green light for new adaptations of the anime and manga, brought about by the great feat of Luffy and his friends in live action. For now, all that remains is to wait for both Netflix and other platforms to take the first step and hopefully integrate actors as committed to these stories as those of One Piece into their casts.

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