Elizabeth Curiel, correspondent of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’, reports that she has received death threats for her work | Entertainment | The USA Print

Elizabeth Curiel, correspondent of 'El Gordo y La Flaca', reports that she has received death threats for her work

Next September 21, one of the Univision programs will have the opportunity to celebrate in style, becauseThe fat and the skinny‘will be celebrating 25 years on the air with the same drivers from the beginning. Therefore, it is known that much of the content they transmit comes directly from another nation.

Lili Estefan, official host of the space, began by saying the following in a recent broadcast: “It is a secret to no one that ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ is nourished by the vast and interesting content that comes from Mexico.”

Her partner Raúl de Molina supported what she mentioned: “It has been essential for the success of our show. “The work of our technicians, producers and correspondents like our beloved Elizabeth Curiel.”

Elizabeth Curiel is one of the correspondents who He has been working on the entertainment program for almost two decades and has plenty of anecdotes., due to the large number of events and guidelines that he has had to cover in his career. However, she has had strong situations where they threatened to take her life.

“I haven’t felt it difficult Raúl, I tell you honestly because it is something that I like, I always thought about working on television. A threat that I received directly from relatives of a very important singer from Mexico of which I am not going to mention the name. Yes, it was something very strong because they mentioned my daughters, the family of an important person in Mexico,” the reporter began by saying.

The Mexican commented that the bitter situation for her occurred because the parties involved came to think that things were said that were not mentioned when appropriate, although she knew how to handle what happened to end the intimidation that her daughters also received.

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“They thought we had said things that were not said at the time, but I I made the decision to face him, this is how things have to be done, I faced him, I talked to him and told him that that was not the case.. And it was solved that way fortunately. Those types of people, when they want to do something to you, they do it to you without warning,” she added in the program.

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