Elements: Ember actress Leah Lewis thought her audition was a failure because she couldn’t cry

Elements: Leah Lewis, Ember actress, thought her audition was a failure because she couldn't cry - Tomatazos


Leah Lewis is an American actress born in 1996. From an early age she began her career in audiovisual media acting for commercials. After moving to Los Angeles she and her family had some appearances on television. In 2012 she played Spoon in the Nickelodeon film Fred 3: Camp Fred. In 2013 he added to the program The Voice during its fourth season, but was not selected by any of the judges. She had a couple of roles in Disney shows and participated in some series from different production companies. But it was not until 2020 when she got her first major role playing the character of Ellie Shu in the Netflix movie The Half Of It (Half of it). Later, in 2023 she lent her voice to the character of Ember Lumen, in the film Elements- 70%.

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This new installment from Disney Pixar adheres to a line that the franchise has been tracing since Toy Story – Elements: Ember actress Leah Lewis thought her audition was a failure because she couldn't cry100%, a film that made us imagine what toys do when they are not seen. In more or less the same way, Pixar has raised questions about the life of insects, the world of the dead, the internal world of emotions and even the existence of a world exclusively of cars.

Elements Critic Rating (Credit: The USA Print)
Elements Critic Rating (Credit: The USA Print)

Items presents a city in which individuals of fire, water, earth and air live. Due to their marked differences, coexistence has some specific coexistence guidelines. In this universe, Ember is a girl of fire who meets a fun and cutesy boy of water, with whom she will have to forge a coexistence, with all the precautions that this implies, to finally understand that despite the beliefs of her world, They have a lot in common.

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This role represented a challenge from the first moment for the actress. In an interview for VPro CinemaLeah Lewis revealed that during her audition “I couldn’t cry” since she was at her family’s house.

There was a moment in my audition where I had to cry, but since I was at my family’s house, I couldn’t cry, it was too much for me. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I ruined it.’ … It was like I wasn’t interested in this job. And then, I got the call later, but I apologized to him (the audition director) and said, ‘I’m so sorry, for some reason I’m at my family’s house right now, this is all too much for me and I couldn’t cry’, although it was quite funny.

In another conversation, this time with Colliderwent into depth about the audition process for elements:

Even the audition process was really shocking. I think it was so surreal that I didn’t feel as nervous, because I thought, ‘This can’t be true. As if this isn’t really happening.’ But then after a six-hour in-person audition, after talking to (director) Peter (Sohn) on Zoom and doing all the different rounds, at the end of my audition they told me (that I got the role). I felt like they were having fun making fun of me a little bit because they were like, ‘Okay, good job today on your audition and, oh, by the way, we’d love to offer you the role of Ember Lumen.’

Despite fears about her audition, Leah managed to convey all the emotions necessary to make her participation a success, and therefore, the film in general. Therefore, it is worth asking what is the future of Items. It is currently streaming on Disney+ and there are sources claiming that the original film will have a sequel and probably a spin-off TV show.

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