El Muerto: Bad Bunny leaves the Sony and Marvel film

El Muerto: Bad Bunny leaves the Sony and Marvel film


Projects come and projects come, that’s how things are in Hollywood. That’s what Bad Bunny is learning, who has begun to take her career to the big and small screen. Although plans had previously been announced to The deada superhero film in which he would be the protagonist, in a new interview, the popular singer has confirmed that he will no longer be part of this film.

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Why did Bad Bunny abandon Sony’s El Muerto movie?

In accordance with Vanity Fairin an extensive profile of the Puerto Rican interpreter, Bad Bunny no longer attached to star The dead for Sony and its cinematic universe. Although he did not give specific details, when asked about the issue, he simply said that the matter “was sensitive,” but his agent Sujeylee Solá confirms that the project “is out”:

El Muerto is the alias of Juan Carlos Estrada, a man who inherits a mask that grants powers to whoever wears it and that has been in his family for generations. The point of the project was to take advantage of the singer’s passion for wrestling, as well as continue building the villain, or anti-hero, franchise that Sony started with Venom – 35% and that has had multiple problems getting off the ground.

Despite the fiasco of this film, we are very close to seeing Bad Bunny in a movie. This is Cassandro, a biography of the fighter with the same pseudonym who is the story of Saúl Almendáriz. This drama, starring Gael García Bernal, will narrate how this homosexual man became a favorite in the ring and overcame the discrimination he encountered. The Puerto Rican plays his manager’s assistant.

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As for Sony, after the box office disaster that was Morbius – 21%, and the terrible reception it found with critics, the next step of the study was Kraven the hunter. This other project, which will be the first rated R for explicit violence, was delayed until August 2024. Originally, it was going to be released in theaters next October, but the actors’ strike got in the way.

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The current schedule for this franchise is that Madame Weba mysterious project about which almost nothing has been announced, hits theaters in February. Venom 3 was filming when the work stoppage also stopped its production, but it is known that it was close to concluding filming. Although low expectations could work in their favor, the improvisation of their deliveries has the same opportunity to surprise.

Between his romance with one of the Kardashians, his musical plans and his interest in becoming an actor, it is very possible that we will hear more from Bad Bunny in the following months. Until then, we remind you that cassandro will arrive on Prime Video on September 20. It is unknown if The dead will continue with another protagonist, Jonás Cuarón had previously been confirmed as the director.

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