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Imágenes posteriores al tiroteo en Pakistán.

Pictures after the shooting in Pakistan.

Photo: Office of Assistant Commissioner/AFP / Getty Images

Eight high school teachers were killed in two separate shootings in northwest Pakistanaccording to reports.

Seven teachers were shot dead at a school in the Parachinar area of ​​the Kurram tribal district, near the Afghan border on Thursday, according to the British newspaper Evening Standard.

Reporting on the incident, Kamal Hyder of Al Jazeera said according to the outlet: “This particular attack targeted teachers while they were in the staff room.“.

“They were there to take the exams that are going on across the province for lower secondary school,” Hyder told the media.

According to Al Jazeera in Englishanother schoolteacher was shot dead shortly before in the same area on the same day.

A statement from the office of the provincial head of government reported that the motive behind the shooting was due to religious tensions in the area which is experiencing rising sectarian tensions.

The teacher killed in the first incident was a Sunni Muslim, while those shot in the second attack at the school were Shia Muslims, the commissioner told ReutersSaiful Islam.

“It is not clear if the second incident was a reaction to the first,” he said, adding that security in the area has been increased due to sectarian violence.

The tribal district has a majority Shiite population that is often targeted by militant Sunni groups from the local Taliban movement.

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