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Dmitry Bivol (L) hits Canelo Álvarez during their fight on May 7, 2022.

Dmitry Bivol (L) hits Canelo Álvarez during their fight on May 7, 2022.

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Coach Eddy Reynoso gave some recent statements this Sunday in which he assured that his coach Canelo Álvarez could obtain confirmation of a rematch in the coming weeks of his fight against the Russian Dmitry Bivol.

Reynoso assured that although there is no agreed negotiation, it is likely that the producers of both Canelo Álvarez and Dmitry Bivol will sit down to agree on the necessary guidelines for the celebration of the fight.

In fact, Reynoso himself dared to say that a tentative date for the expected second fight would be September 15, a common day year after year in the celebrations of the Mexican’s fights.

However, Reynoso recalled that the objective of this duel would be to fight at 168 pounds according to Bivol’s will and not at 175 pounds as in the previous duel.

“What Eddie Hearn had told us is that Bivol wants to fight at 168 pounds, but we haven’t had any conversations. Right now Saúl is resting. I think that in about 15 days we will begin to see what we doReynoso commented.

“What Saúl wants is to get rid of Bivol. We are not losing weight, the one he wants is Bivol ”, he added.

If the second part of Canelo vs. Bivol, Álvarez could get the 60th victory of his professional career after having defeated John Ryder on May 6.

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