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I remember that I saw The Snow Society with a heavy heart during the 144 minutes that the film lasted. I also remember how the terrifying scenes that make up the plane crash sequence filled my head; What a wild visual impact, what a grip in the stomach, what a sensation of being inside the cabin, plummeting with all those kids, suffering with them the collapse that would change—for many it would be the end—their lives forever. At some point I felt that, perhaps, I didn't want to continue watching the film: I already knew the story, what need to review, with the fidelity with which Bayona does it, so much anguish? Of course, I am glad to have finished it, first for being an audiovisual gem and second for being a lesson in gallantry by replicating the most atrocious situations without losing even an iota of delicacy. Food plays a fundamental role in this story. On the one hand, what is eaten. On the other hand, the one that you don't want to eat. The moral dilemma that imagining the skin of their friends between their teeth represents for the protagonists is more paralyzing than the idea of ​​seeing themselves die because they have nothing to put in their mouths. The atrocity of eating another implies such a savage internal tear that in some way it also involves eating oneself: it is the most scandalous outrage to the belief system of the human being, who has never, I repeat, never, conceived of himself. like an edible entity.

And yet, they have no alternative. I am deeply touched by how the two medical students, in charge of cutting up the bodies to provide their classmates with the edible pieces, do so away from the sight of others; an attempt to spare them the trauma of recognizing the identity of the dead, a way to eliminate from the material body—only a physical container, the use of which could save their lives—any trace of spiritual identity, the one that clouded decision-making. But there is something that impacts me even more: the strength, the mental clarity of those who raise the possibility for the first time, in the face of the stupor of the rest. I imagine that at some point, the snow society was also a single-minded society, in which taking a stand on the side of those who wanted to eat was perceived as a betrayal.

Sometimes, in much less extreme circumstances, I too feel that genuinely taking a stand is not as simple as it might seem in our society. I feel that we belong to a culture that is proud of the freedoms achieved, while canceling and condemning voices that differ from a previously agreed upon vision of reality. Any hint of disagreement is viewed with skepticism, any dissenting opinion is labeled. It is very annoying to have to think exactly the same as everyone else and, furthermore, it is always either black or white, the nuances are of no interest. How hard it is to feel cornered by the prevailing voice when you genuinely believe in what your insides whisper to you. Not infrequently I remember the boys from the Andes, the dimension of their dilemma and the courage they had to muster to convey the idea that would end up saving all of their lives. I imagine that if they could, it should be possible for all of us to share our opinions without fear. At the end of the day, expressing ourselves freely is the only thing that can save us, in every sense.

*Clara Diez is an artisan cheese activist.

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