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Hay varias cosas que la gente deja de hacer en los días de la Semana Santa.

There are several things that people stop doing on the days of Holy Week.


We are already in the most important days for those who practice the Catholic religion: the Holy Week, for which believers have been preparing for several weeks now, since that Ash Wednesday, to live fully and reflect on the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

Currently, some of the most outstanding traditions of Holy Week continue to be preserved, such as the processions, the Stations of the Cross and the Fridays of Lent, where the faithful usually do not eat red meat or its derivatives.

However, there are many people who practice this religion who stop doing a series of things these days because they go against their beliefs and above all, what these days represent. Next we leave you some myths that exist around Holy Week.

5 beliefs and myths that exist about Holy Week

1) Do not bathe in a river

It is said that if someone bathes in a river these days, they could turn into a fish. This myth originated in some communities in Colombia and little by little it has been transformed to the point of believing that no one should take a shower on Good Friday.

2) Do not eat meat

According to believers, red meat symbolizes lust, passion and desire during Holy Week.

3) You should not sweep on Good Friday

The idea is that on this day, no one should use any type of object or similar that was used to torture Jesus Christ when he was crucified, because if you do, it is said that you “attract the devil.” Furthermore, it is also considered that when you use the broom, you are sweeping the face of Christ.

4) No sex

You should avoid being intimate with your partner during Holy Week, as some believers say that those who do not, could be “punished” by God and could even be “stuck” forever.

5) Do not wear red

Culturally, red and black are associated with the devil, so if you wear this color at Easter, chances are you attract him.

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