Due to a choking hazard, these candies should no longer be consumed. | The USA Print

If you’ve been shopping recently, check the contents of your cupboards before you fall for a candy. On Wednesday, March 8, the official Rappel conso website published a reminder. The latter targets two packets of candies of the same brand. Specifically, this is the package Jelly Straws Assorted 260 grams and Jelly Fruity Assorted.

These two packets, from the ABC brand, should be stored at room temperature. They were sold throughout France at retailers and mass distribution brands. These products are affected by a recall due to the presence of the additives E407 and E410 in the candies. The first food additive is used as a texture agent and the second acts as a thickener. Which is far from trivial since because of this, the treats are more solid and can therefore lead to a choking hazard especially for young children. The Rappel Conso site warns of possible respiratory arrest and internal damage.

So, if you have these sweets at home, do not consume them anymore and bring them directly to the point of sale to obtain a refund. This recall procedure ends on March 22.

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