Driving with your hands tied

Sometimes I watch horrible movies. The most frightening ones, by far, are American. The rabble, my own or someone else’s, force me. I could deny it, but I understand that Hollywood makes entertaining products and that it is not in the interest of banning the rabble from global culture, however annoying it may be, since they might end up feeling the fascination of what is prohibited. I am looking to engage in an activity that sculpts my character with a stoicism that is lacking. That is to say, I feel like an arachnophobic who, for therapeutic reasons, exposes herself to the presence of spiders in order to overcome the terror they produce.

This week we’re going to be watching an apocalyptic movie from 2020 starring a family (father, mother, son). I confess that this kind of thing pleases me a bit, but as the minutes go by, my indignation grows. For example, because they abuse narrative conventions, as if the spectators were idiots: everything always happens to the last second, to the point that parody breaks out; the boy is, of course, a pain because the scriptwriters are incapable of putting together a plot without resorting to clichés softer than the ass of a cyclist. The most disgusting, however, are the gender roles: the woman who is made up like a pimp to stay at home, the solid and secure man, impassive, who solves everything and who naturally does not cry anymore, as they do. gifts, it is clear, both the protagonist and the supporting characters and the extras, who spend half the footage crying or facing the rock. It wouldn’t be fair to say that it wouldn’t even remotely pass the Bechdel test. The summum comes from a scene in which the father is the first to start a heroic act carried out with shoes only to show that the character is goodness personified. We see a sheet of paper that trembles with pain. And the family then pushed the car and the paio, with the most eagerness in some way, sat at the wheel, while the unmarried woman was sitting on the copilot’s seat. The father is not only the only one who drives the car in all the scenes in which it is moved (which are many), but at the end and with the most burned one he must be the one who drives it. And I don’t tell you that since the woman doesn’t have a card, they are talking about a family in the United States who lives in the suburbs, they feel that they would die of suicide.

It seems terrifying, especially because this continues to be the daily routine (I know it’s not the exception but the rule: control your fear of spiders, girl!), but there is something else that seems more terrifying. . I try to understand the alien creature with whom I am watching the film, the absurdity and masculinity of every desire to awaken in him a surge of awareness and critical spirit. And when I ask my father, who from the couch is listening to my feminist sermon: “Don’t you think it’s masculinist, ridiculous and degrading?”, he answers me with a “yes” and is disappointed that you are not facing a great mass. The answer in cream. I struggle and throw myself forward, in pain, clutching the steering wheel of my life so as not to lose myself. With so many so many gifts.

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