Domingo Germán will be suspended 10 games for using “sticky substance” to throw | The USA Print

Domingo Germán will be suspended 10 games for using "sticky substance" to throw

This Tuesday the New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays with a score of 6-3, the starter of the match by the New York team was the Dominican Domingo Germán, who had to be removed in the third episode for detecting a “sticky substance” in hands.

Germán had put in three perfect innings and was returning to the mound to open the fourth inning when he was intercepted by the first base umpire. D.J. Reyburnwho inspected the pitcher’s right hand and reportedly found a sticky substance.

Later, in the repetitions and approaches of the TV broadcast, it was possible to observe how Germán had a dark substance in his pants.

The 30-year-old pitcher spoke for YES Network after the game and explained what the substance on his hands was about. “It was just a bag of resin. A couple of games ago the refs mentioned that he wasn’t using it enough on the mound. So, tonight I used it more. And that’s all,” commented Germán.

A few weeks ago something similar happened with Max Scherzerwhich landed him a 10-game suspension and the same fate awaits Germán, who will miss as many games with the Yankees.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that the Dominican has faced a situation like this, because in the series against the Minnesota Twins At Yankee Stadium, the game’s umpires checked Germán and determined that he had too much resin on his hands. On that occasion it did not happen to majors and they only sent the pitcher to wash his hands to remove the excess and he continued with his work on the mound.

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Controversial series in Toronto

The series between the division rivals began last Monday and also brought controversy, because in the first meeting at the Rogers Center between the Yankees and the Blue Jays the player Aaron Judge He was accused of stealing signs, for strange movements while he was in the batter’s box.

Now Germán with this suspension for the alleged substance he had in his hands increases the controversy in this series, which the Bronx dominate 2-0 and this Wednesday the third of the four confrontations in the series will take place.

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