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Para aprovechar las promociones de Dollar General, es necesario que revises su app.

To take advantage of Dollar General’s promotions, you need to review their app.

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If you are a fan of Dollar General, then surely you are already aware of the discounts that the discount store usually offers and that allow you to take products practically for free. And it is that some are given for as low as ¢1 cent.

Like other stores, Dollar General has an app. If you use it when you go to the store to scan the products, the app can show you a promotion that is not announced in the physical store.

It is in this app where you can find products, generally snacks, for only ¢1 centand this is because they are in liquidation because the company wants to get rid of them at any cost.

In fact, many times, employees simply take these products off the shelves and throw them away, because they have to make room for the new items.

However, if you scan a product and it appears in the app for ¢1 cent, the employee will sell it to you for that amount.

These discounts up to ¢1 cent are usually given on Tuesdays of every week and are often available throughout the day, as reported in the Daily Meal.

Just remember that it is advisable to go very early on Tuesday, since the employees usually get rid of these products as soon as possible. So consider this to advantage them.

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