Doja Cat’s plea against the discomfort of Victoria’s Secret’s new ‘thong dress’ | Fashion | The USA Print

Doja Cat's plea against the discomfort of Victoria's Secret's new 'thong dress' |  Fashion

After years of trying to relaunch a new image and commit to body diversity, the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret presented its new proposal on September 6 in New York with a big party. Big names from the world of fashion attended the event. The guest list, in an exercise of trying to be credible with its new inclusive philosophy, included names such as the black model Adut Akech, the former soccer player Megan Rapinoe or the models curvy Candice Huffine and Paloma Elsesser. Among the guests at the event was also the American rapper and producer Doja Cat, who has not avoided opening up about how uncomfortable she finds the new clothes from the most controversial lingerie brand in the fashion industry.

“It’s crazy when you put on a dress and your vagina is exposed all night and the straps make your chest go down to the floor; when all I asked for was a slip dress,” she wrote on his Instagram stories. “I’m in my protest era, in my Karen era. “She could have caught a urinary tract infection,” she added. “What a beautiful night without those non-adjustable straps,” she continued in another post while showing images of her dress. “When I tell you that the thong was built into the dress, it’s because when I put it on, the shoulder straps pulled the lace through my cervix and split me like a block of cheddar cheese,” described the rapper, who mentioned the brand that had invited him to the Show and used at all times the hashtag from the #thetour23 event. The model that Doja Cat wore is a black lingerie-type dress that shows the straps of a thong of the same color at the back.

Doja Cat's plea against the discomfort of Victoria's Secret's new 'thong dress' | Fashion | The USA Print

The dress with an integrated thong that according to Doja Cat could have given her “a urinary tract infection.” Photo: Getty

At a time when inclusive lingerie brands such as Skims, founded by Kim Kardashian, have revolutionized the market and sales, Victoria’s Secret is striving, not always successfully, to clean up its image marred for years by sexist, racist and transphobic scandals. . And, although he has put all his efforts into convincing the public that the brand’s philosophy has completely changed, he fails to convince with his new proposal. The journalist from The cut Hannah Flaganan was disappointed with the presentation performance party where, according to her, the models “didn’t pose, didn’t parade, didn’t do anything” and everything was presented on a big screen. The devastating headline of her chronicle perfectly summarizes her deep disappointment with the show: The Victoria’s Secret Show could’ve been an email (The Victoria’s Secret show could have been an email.)

The brand has worked for months to convince its clients that all the controversies of the past are over, including a murky relationship between the honorary president and Jeffrey Epstein and the models’ complaints that they were harassed by photographers. In an article titled Society has changed, but Victoria’s Secret hasn’t in The business of fashion Published in 2018, it became clear that either the brand was changing or it had no place in women’s current lives. Five years later, the brand spares no effort to convince its customers that it has finally gotten rid of all the mistakes of the past. Now you just have to understand that women also need their underwear to be minimally comfortable.

Doja Cat's plea against the discomfort of Victoria's Secret's new 'thong dress' | Fashion | The USA Print

Doja Cat posing at the Victoria’s Secret show photocall. Photo: Getty

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