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goya 2022

Recognition is one of the peaks to conquer in an artist’s career. In the film industry this translates into working with the best teams, receiving good reviews and ultimately, end up taking the awards of the main competitions. However, do they have an added economic return? In the case, for example, of the Oscars, the winner does not receive any cash prize, but simply for being nominated, they take home a valued bag of gifts. in just over 170,000 euros. On the other hand, there is the fact that the prizes supposedly serve as a catapult for the career of their winners. Now in Spain Do you pay something to win a Goya?

Goya Awards 2022

The answer is the same as with the coveted golden statuettes, no. Possessing a Goya swells the curriculum of any worker in the sector, but it does not represent any economic relief. The winners take the heavy trophy, while the nominees receive a diploma.

Access to the Film Academy

What it does entail to win a Goya is something like the golden ticket to enter the Film Academy. Except for categories such as Best Short Film and Best Original Song, the winners of the “cabezón” can attend the gala with all expenses paid.

Also is true that Yes, you can get a financial prize by uploading the cache of that winner, in addition to the fact that the films in which they are usually involved get more days of exhibition and a lot of promotional press that brings viewers closer to the theaters. Some of this year’s nominees, such as Javier Bardem or Penélope Cruz, can barely increase their recognition, having combined between them 9 awards and more than twenty nominations.

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At the Oscars, studies usually indicate that the salaries of the lucky ones they usually grow between 20% and 30% in their next productionHowever, in Spain, it seems that winning a Goya serves more to open the doors of future projects than such a considerable increase in salary.