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Do you know these new WhatsApp features?
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The instant messaging application has new updates with which they seek to improve the experience of its users

The agency recalls the right of employees to digital disconnection in the workplace

The WhatsApp application is used by millions of people around the world.

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WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world. To work, to communicate with our family, to close plans with friends… It allows us to be constantly connected for free and instantly. Since the birth of the messaging platform in 2009, WhatsApp has been updating the application incorporating new features to increase the level of satisfaction of its users. From allowing group video calls, adding new emoticons as social trends were consolidated or the double blue check for reading confirmation. But not only that. Mark Zuckerberg’s communication tool has integrated in its latest updates the preview of links, the editing of multimedia files directly from WhatsApp web or the suggestion of stickers. And for this 2023 WhatsApp has prepared new features.

Whatsapp new features

temporary messages


In order to become the most widely used instant messaging application in the world, the Meta company has focused on temporary messages. This type of message is one that is deleted after 24 hours. Well, now Whatsapp will launch a new functionality so that, if you wish, you can save the message and so it does not disappear.

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proxy option


WhatsApp has integrated the option of using a proxy, that is, an intermediary server in order to bypass the censorship that the app has in some countries that prevent the use of WhatsApp.

Background voice audios


Before you had to press play on the audio and stay in the same conversation to be able to listen to it. WhatsApp already allows the possibility of playing an audio in the background and answering and reviewing messages from other chats. Of course, if you leave the application the audio will not be heard.

Transfer of chats between devices


One of the novelties of 2023 is the transfer of chats between devices without making any type of backup. Furthermore, you will also be able to transfer chats from Android devices to iOS and vice versa. To do it you will simply have to download WhatsApp on your smartphone. Once downloaded, open it and scan the QR code that appears. In this way, you can start importing your chats.

whatsapp status


WhatsApp states were born in order to have a more visual communication with our contacts, being able to control who sees the states. Now, WhatsApp wants that if we see a status that may be offensive or that does not comply with the rules of the application, it can be reported by reporting the status.

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