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Los pollos de Costco, ¿tienen sabor a químico?

The rumor spreads and several consumers complain about Costco’s chickens, mainly because, according to some, they have a “chemical” taste. Even within Internet forums, the same consumers show their discontent. On Reddit they asked the question within forums related to Costco and their chickens “This was never a problem before, I’ve been buying it for years, has anything changed recently?”.

Costco and their chickens

Social networks are full of rumors, suspicions, doubts and complaints about Costco chickens. Consumers come to websites as Reddit to ask the community about what is happening with these foods.

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A few months ago, February to be exact, a Reddit user named u/MillennialModernMan made a post to subreddit r/Costco with an alarming post. The post was titled “What’s Up with Roast Chicken Lately?” The creator of the publication indicated that this food has a very different taste than usual and asks if anyone else had that feeling.

The post in question

The post said:

“Today I was in costco and I bought my roast chicken like every time I go. We tried it and it has a distinct chemical taste, really unpleasant. The same thing happened last time, about 3 weeks ago. This has never been a problem before, I’ve been buying it for years, has anything changed recently?

The original author did not highlight the provenance of the costco chicken, although his other comments pointed to indications of his address. Other users of the platform agreed with what was said by u/MillennialModernMan. In addition, they had the opportunity to share their observations about the chicken, which is approved by inflation.

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the first comments

“Thank you for posting this. I thought I was going crazy/had Covid again when I tasted some rotisserie chicken recently and it tasted, chemical and soapy? How odd!”.

There were also other answers like:

“Yes, I have noticed a clear taste of chlorine. I stopped eating it about a year ago because of the weird chemical taste. I use the store Albany,OR”.

“100% the same thing happened to me. He chicken it has a chemical taste. I think someone didn’t clean up enough after using the chemicals cleaning or something!”

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other users of Reddit They indicated the theory that it could be the type of chicken, the cooling systems used and the slaughter process that is carried out to avoid the growth of bacteria.

“In the warehouse where I work, I don’t know about other warehouses, but we receive chicken from two suppliers,” commented another Internet user, indicating that they are “bad chickens.”

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One of the most detailed and controversial observations

Another Reddit user made a big comment about this situation:

“Deli worker. We got two different types of chickens. One is our own brand from our processing plant in Nebraska. The other is from foster farms. Chickens from foster farms are of lower quality and tend to be cooked differently than ours. This is because they are water cooled whereas ours are air cooled. Our chickens are raised in Nebraska, while those on foster farms are from California. If your chicken is gross, it’s most likely because it’s a foster farm chicken.”

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Meanwhile, Costco representatives have not commented on the matter.

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