Dmitrovic, the Serbian who got rid of a spontaneous attack against PSV and replaced Bono with a note | Sports| The USA Print

Dmitrovic, the Serbian who got rid of a spontaneous attack against PSV and replaced Bono with a note |  Sports

“He never fought me in my life. But I am a Serb and the Serbs were born to defend ourselves, ”Marko Dmitrovic said to his teammates just after being attacked by a PSV fan in the second leg of the Europa League round of 32. The goalkeeper saved Sevilla with a great performance against Almería last Sunday in the League. Everything indicates that this goal with the leadership wood will defend the goal of the Andalusian team against Fenerbahçe, an appointment in which Sevilla defends a two-goal lead to go to the quarterfinals of the competition that they have won six times (18.45, Movistar Champions League).

The cold blood with which Dmitrovic, 31, acted against the PSV ultra, sentenced to three months in jail, did not come as a surprise at the Andalusian club. “He is a very calm person, with a lot of control. And he is one of those who transmit tranquility in a situation as complicated as the one we are experiencing. He has the material of a leader ”, sources from the Andalusian team affirm to this newspaper. Firm on the pitch to stop the attacker, Dmitrovic thanked the bouquet of flowers that the PSV fans sent him after the attack.

“Dear Mr. Dmitrovic, apologies from the rest of the PSV fans. Let’s hope he is recovering well after the incident. We wish him the best and good luck in the Europa League”, read the letter from the Dutch fans, to whom Dimitrovic sent another statement of thanks.

Poise comes to Dimitrovic from his childhood in Serbia, where he even has memories of hiding in his grandparents’ house from NATO bombing. Also of his strong will in adolescence. He always dreamed of playing for Red Star and went to Belgrade at the age of 18 against the opposition of his parents. There he matured, although he could not fulfill his dream of being the starting goalkeeper for Red Star. He went to Ujpest Dozsa, where he also found no continuity. From there he went to Charlton Athletic, in the second English division, until Juan Ramón López Muñiz, the Alcorcón coach, was chosen to sign him after seeing him in a tie with the Spanish under-21 team in Cádiz against Serbia .

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After two seasons at Alcorcón, in the Second Division, he was signed by Eibar, where he established himself among the elite during four seasons in the First Division. “He is a great partner. There are details that confirm it. When Osasuna came, he was very affectionate with Kike García, his teammate at Eibar ”, they say at Sevilla. At Eibar he played 131 games and went down in history as the seventh goalkeeper in the League to score a goal after Santamaría, Fenoy, Chilavert, Prats, Nacho González and Aranzubia. Aware of his good punch with his left leg, Mendilibar made him shoot the penalties. He scored a goal for Oblak in the 2020-21 season.

Monchi noticed him and Dmitrovic arrived at Sevilla in the summer of 2021. He has perfectly assumed his role as Bono’s substitute, although his role increases this season, where he has already played 11 games. The Moroccan goalkeeper had to go out on a stretcher in the duel against Almería and Dmitrovic made saves of all colors to save Sevilla. When the match ended, the first thing he did was go to the band to give José Luis Silva, the goalkeeper coach, a hug. Then his first words were in memory of Bono, who was in the hospital recovering from a severe blow.

In the locker room they also know him as the king of table tennis, because there is no one who can beat him. Only sometimes Rakitic. He and Gudelj are his best friends from a locker room that appreciates his poise in troubled times.

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