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Disney asks to dismiss DeSantis board lawsuit

Disney filed a motion Tuesday in an Orange County court in central Florida asking for the dismissal of a demand brought by the board of directors appointed by the state governor, Ron DeSantisto supervise the special district of Disney World, in the midst of a tough lawsuit between the parties.

The lawsuit filed against Disney seeks to void a development agreement made between the entertainment giant and the previous board of the so-called Reedy Creek Improvement District.which has been operating autonomously for more than half a century.

In the judicial battle it is ventilated who controls the special government district that regulates and decides what gets built at Disney World, in addition to managing the municipal-type services that operate in the 25,000 acres that make up the theme park complex in Orlando.

“A little over a year ago, Disney expressed a political opinion that Governor DeSantis did not like. In response, the Governor unleashed a campaign of retaliation, using the power of government as a weapon to punish Disney for his speech.”the company said in the motion against the demand brought by the Central Florida Tourism Supervisory District.

It underlines the petition before the Ninth Judicial Circuit of said county that “A key component of the Governor’s retaliation campaign was to replace Disney’s elected local government board with a hostile board, personally chosen by the Governor (DeSantis).”

“(…) The Court should dismiss this action. Alternatively, the court should stay this case under the priority rule in light of the previously filed pending federal action,” the 27-page motion states in its conclusion.

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Last April, Disney presented a demand federal government in which he accused the five-member board of DeSantis of orchestrating a “retaliation campaign” after the company publicly opposed a bill sponsored by the governor known to critics as “Don’t Say Gay”which prohibits talking about gender identity and sexual orientation in schools.

The counterclaim of DeSantis It was not long in coming and on May 1st the Central Florida Tourism Supervisory District, made up of members appointed by the Governor, authorized filing of lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US

The pulse and enmity between both parties experienced another chapter last week with the signing of DeSantis of a transportation bill that includes an amendment to make the state inspect the monorail train in the parks Disney.

The Walt Disney World monorail is one of the most iconic infrastructures of the recreational complex and has 3 separate lineswho tour Walt Disney World Resort.

The company, which employs more than 70,000 people and generates $1.2 billion in taxes a year, has earmarked more than $17 billion to invest in its Florida parks over the next decade, which would create approximately 13,000 jobs.

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