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The infinite possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are causing an earthquake in the job market and on LinkedIn, one of the most used and best valued job search platforms on the entire planet. The combination of both makes it easier to create and improve your profile with AI and these are some of the tricks you can use to achieve it.

For the moment, LinkedIn has already taken a first step to integrate AI into its platform, and it consists of the so-called “writing suggestions”: texts automatically prepared by Artificial Intelligence that for the moment are limited to job descriptions in which you have had experience.

A LinkedIn profile created from AI

A LinkedIn profile created from AI

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The objective of these AI suggestions that LinkedIn puts at your service is that you can easily fill in key fields of your profile that, according to the job search platform, are usually considered “complicated” to complete by the majority of users, who don’t even want to waste time with these elements nor do they usually do it in the best way on many occasions.

And what are these “tricky” fields that LinkedIn warns about? Well, neither more nor less than the “about” sections and the header that crowns the top of each profile. Now, thanks to the new “improvement” tool, LinkedIn Premium subscribers can generate descriptions based on their previously noted work experience.

To achieve this, LinkedIn has revealed that it is using the same OpenAI models that are the soul and engine of the well-known ChatGPT. However, the company dedicated to uniting companies and workers assures that it has worked to maintain “its unique voice and style” through this AI that helps employees seek better opportunities.

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With this maxim in mind, suggestions will be based on your experience and job skills, as well as LinkedIn’s own “knowledge” of what makes a good profile and is both attractive to recruiters but that also does not demand an extra effort from the owner of the profile.

For example, in LinkedIn’s “about” section near the beginning of the profile, this AI-powered tool ChatGPT has automatically generated a first-person summary of an individual’s work experience that reads almost like the beginning of a story. cover letter: “This experience helped me develop my understanding of the mind-body connection” is one of the sentences that develops this new option in the example.

LinkedIn has also reported that it is beginning to test AI-written job descriptions. In those cases, you would simply fill in the job title, company name, and a few other basic details, and LinkedIn will put together a detailed draft of a relevant and “hooky” job description for headhunters.

Another notable point of LinkedIn’s new bet is that the company is positioning its AI writing features more as a starting point than a final product. In both cases, LinkedIn says users should review and edit the AI-generated text to verify its accuracy.

However, the portal warns that both could be huge time savers for members who want to offload some of the more tedious writing tasks associated with LinkedIn.

These writing tools aren’t LinkedIn’s first foray into generative AI. The company also recently introduced “collaborative articles,” which are based on a combination of AI-written text and contributions from individual LinkedIn “experts.” As if that weren’t enough, elsewhere the company is also adding new online courses dedicated to topics related to generative AI: LinkedIn and AI are bound to come together.

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