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The Civil Guard is draining the well in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) from which yesterday they recovered a human body that they presumed to be that of Juan Manuel Isla, who disappeared on July 22, 2022 after summoning himself to collect a debt with the owner of the farm where there is the artesian hole. Two people have been arrested after the discovery of human remains, including Antonio Caba, owner of the land now registered by the armed institute, and who is also a suspect in another disappearance in 2019 in that same Castilian-La Mancha town and in similar circumstances. . Investigators plan to carry out several house searches today, both in the Valdepeñas winery and in the nearby town of Manzanares. The body in the well is pending DNA identification.

The emptying of the well of the area of ​​La Mesonera, which this morning had about four meters of water, is already underway for the “recovery of all the elements that are found inside of interest for the investigation”, as explained by the Guard Civil in a summary note on the so-called Operation Mancanti (those who are missing, in Italian). Sources from this body explain that they are “one hundred percent convinced” that the body recovered is that of Juan Manuel Isla Fernández, who was 58 years old when he traveled from his residence in Plana de San Juan (Alicante) on July 21 last year. ) to see Antonio Caba to collect 50,000 euros that he was owed for the sale of some land belonging to his family. He was not heard from again. The discovery of Isla’s car in January has provided key clues for what appears to be the resolution of the disappearance. In fact, the agents went to the aforementioned well to look for Isla inside.

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Caba is the owner of the well farm, where today members of the Group of Specialists in Subaquatic Activities (GEAS) and the Special Rescue Group for Mountain Intervention (GREIM) of the Civil Guard continue to work. With the collaboration of the firefighters, the troops try to get as much water as possible from the well where the body appeared in order to recover other objects that can help in the investigation. The main suspect was present at all times during the well search. The house searches have been carried out by agents of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard and the Command of Ciudad Real, in charge of the investigations directed by the Investigating Court number 2 of Manzanares.

Judicial commission for the registration of the well. In that group is the detainee, who witnessed the end of the search.Jesus Monroy (EFE)

The sources consulted have indicated that Antonio Caba, a resident of Manzanares, is being investigated in the case of the disappearance of another man from Manzanares, which occurred in 2019 and with whom he also acted as a mediator for the sale of various vehicles and land, as a kind of commissioner. He is the last person Isla was seen with, who had gone to collect 50,000 euros in cash that was owed to him.

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The now detainee, known in the area as “the trafficker”, had a relationship in the past with two other people for an economic transaction of sale, one of whom, Jesús González Borrajo, 54, is still missing; and another, which is now also being investigated, “mysteriously fell into a well” in which he was found and, at that time, almost a decade ago, it was ruled a suicide. The businessman Jesús González has been missing since June 19, 2019, after having dealt with the aforementioned commission agent for the sale of luxury cars. Sources from the armed institute have explained that the farm where the body has now been found was bought shortly after the first case of disappearance. Of the cash that the disappeared went to collect there is no trace for now.

The posters with the images of the disappeared Isla and González.
The posters with the images of the disappeared Isla and González.

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