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In France, nearly 8.9 million people are disabled, limited in their activities, restricted in their social life because of a disability physical, sensory – most often visual or auditory -, mental or a debilitating illness. Disability therefore covers extremely different situations.

But they all come up against the same reality: in their daily, professional and personal lives, they are confronted with the image we have of them. They have to bear the weight of our beliefs, our received ideas, which hinder their development. Disability disturbs.

So how do you fight against these stereotypes? How to change your look? And first, what exactly are we talking about? What are the most common stereotypes about disability?

I am Aline Perraudin, editorial director of Santé magazine, and to answer all these questions, I receive Cindy LebatPhD in Information and Communication Sciences, author of the survey on prejudices and stereotypes with regard to disability in France (National Advisory Commission on Human Rights, April 2022).

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Writing and production: Nathalie Courret, Nicolas Jean and Aline Perraudin

Excerpts: FR3 Grand Est – 19/20 – 06/04/2022; Konbini – 23/11/2018 – 04/02/2021; PTA – 02/23/2023; Gross – Lilia benchabane – 06/19/2022; CIDJ – Elisa Rojas – 04/09/2020

Graphic identity: Upian

Communication: Clara Ousset-Masquelier, Suzanne Méthé and Marianne Meyniel

Released: 2023

Recordings: February 17 and 28, 2023

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