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Dimple Hayati

Dimple Hayati.. this salesperson’s name is in the news a lot lately.. yesterday a criminal case was registered due to a minor parking dispute.. it has now become a hot topic in the industry. Actually there are no hit movies.. Now that news like this is spreading, the news is being heard that she has been left aside in the industry.. She shared hot photos on social media saying that she doesn’t care how many she gets.

Dimple Hayati
Dimple Hayati

It is known that Dimple Hayati made an entry with an item song in Gaddala Konda Ganesh. Just singing an item song did not make her an item beauty. She attracted the directors because of her hot beauty that the boys could admire.. Although she got offers as the heroine in films like Khiladi and Ramabanam, those two films turned out to be disasters. With this, Dimple Hayati is trying to prove herself. Meanwhile, she got involved in a controversy.. The controversy between Dimple Hayati and IPS officer Rahul Hegde became a sensation. It became a controversy when the driver of Rahul’s car registered a case of misbehaving and kicking Rahul Hegde’s car in the parking lot. Both are voicing their arguments.

Dimple Hayathi

Recently, Dimple Hayati shared red hot looks with her dusky beauty. The pics of her rolling around on the floor are making netizens angry. Dimple Hayati’s caption in a red dress like red pepper is also trending. There is power and leverage only when one stands on the side of truth. Every woman has a characteristic of turning red. Photos But the pushing has become viral..

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