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'Desert', the new Atresbandes proposal that inspired a fortune teller

After the mons war and Global aspect of a question, Atresbandes, the resident company of the Teatre Lliure, premieres tomorrow in Gràcia desert. “We had a certain mental fatigue and that is why Desert says Albert Pérez Hidalgo. Mònica Almirall’s fortune teller told her that for the next three years she had to cross the desert ”.

And Almirall replies: “I have never been to the desert, and I was very lazy and scared, but I saw that the imagery of the desert was very powerful for some people. That is why we decided to undertake this journey in an artistic way, and that is why we chose four external people, so as not to do it from us”. The interpreters are Rubén Ametllé, Nicolás Carbajal, Marina Rodríguez and Amaranta Velarde.

‘Desert’ allows you to listen to humanity in all its phases, times and states


The third member of Atresbandes, Miquel Segovia, adds: “From the start, this journey is not pleasant and is surrounded by silence, where listening to oneself searches in the past and in the present.”

The sound is the true protagonist of Desert, “that allows humanity to be heard in all its phases, times and states”, they refer. “There are more pleasant and unpleasant sounds, which take you to a crowded or more intimate place. The sound journey is the backbone of the entire piece”, they conclude.

The director of the Teatre Lliure, Juan Carlos Martel, defines Desert, which is the last montage to be presented this season, as “sound archaeology”.

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