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Depp vs. Heard: Source Close to Amber Heard Responds to Kate Moss Testimony


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A source close to Amber Heard has offered a strong response to Kate Moss’ statement in which she denied the rumor that Johnny Depp pushed her down the stairs during their relationship in the 1990s.

Moss testified at the libel trial against Depp and Heard for just a few minutes on Wednesday via video link. She said that she fell down some stairs while she was on vacation with Depp in Jamaica and that he helped her up and took care of her at the time.

“We were leaving the room, Johnny got out before me and there had been a rain storm,” he said. “When I left the room, I slipped down the stairs and hurt my back.”

“I screamed, because I didn’t know what had happened to me and I was in pain. She came running back to help me and carried me to my room and got me medical attention.”

When asked about the relationship in general, which lasted from 1994 to 1998, Moss said: “He never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down the stairs.”

The defense declined to question Moss.

After her testimony concluded, a source close to Heard told The Independent: “So Johnny Depp did not abuse Kate Moss. That means he carries one of two in the abuse column.”

“But, to date, he is zero to one in court on the core issue of this case when he lost the exact same case in England. And when the jury deliberates on the singular issue in this case—whether Amber Heard can exercise her right to free speech—it will be zero for two, no matter how much her attorneys try to distract and divert the jury’s attention.”

Moss’s name came up in court earlier this month during Heard’s testimony, when he described a time when Depp allegedly “[golpeó]” to his sister while she had her back to a ladder.

Heard said this reminded her of another incident during which she alleges Depp pushed Moss down the stairs as they were dating in the 1990s.

“I just instantly think of Kate Moss and stairs in my head,” Heard said.

the actress of Aquaman had previously made the allegation during Depp’s 2020 trial against The Sun in the UK, according to Associated Press: “I was about to push her down the stairs and a moment before that happened, I remembered the information I had heard that she pushed an ex-girlfriend, I think it was Kate Moss, down the stairs.”

Moss and Depp dated for about four years beginning in 1994. The press often described their relationship as tumultuous, particularly after an incident in 1994 when Depp was arrested for criminal mischief after allegedly vandalizing a hotel room he shared with Moss. reported People.

Until his testimony on Wednesday, Moss had never publicly responded to Heard’s claim that Depp pushed her down the stairs, which he denies.

After Heard mentioned Moss in his testimony as part of the US case, Depp’s lawyer, Ben Chew, was seen giving an apparent fist celebration, sparking speculation that the mention of Moss could benefit to Depp’s legal team in some way.

Broderick Dunn, a Virginia-based attorney, told Fox5 that “since Heard brought up Depp’s previous alleged bad acts, it is possible that he has opened the door to his own,” according to the website.

That speculation came true on May 17 during Heard’s cross-examination, where he was asked about a 2009 domestic violence arrest involving his then-partner Tasya van Ree.

The alleged incident was reported in 2016 by TMZwho wrote that Heard “allegedly grabbed and hit [a van Ree] in the arm, which bothered [a van Ree] and caused the arrest.

The prosecution declined to press charges when Heard appeared in court the next day, reported People in 2016.

In 2016. Tasya van Ree shared a statement with Variety which read, “In 2009, Amber was wrongfully accused of an incident that was misrepresented and exaggerated by two people in a position of power.”

When questioned in court, Heard denied committing domestic violence against Tasya van Ree or assaulting her. She alleged that the story was “planted” after she obtained a temporary restraining order against Depp in 2016.

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