Depp vs.  Heard: Johnny Depp laughs as he testifies that he 'misses' his injured fingertip

Johnny Depp let out a giggle after joking that he “misses” the top of his finger that was severed during a fight with ex-wife Amber Heard.

the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean He returned to the stand as a witness on Wednesday (May 25) and was asked by his own lawyer to recount the incident that occurred in Australia in March 2015.

Text messages sent by Depp to his personal physician, Dr. David Kipper, after the incident occurred were presented to the court, one reading: “I cut the top of my middle finger… What should I do?” ?”.

After which, Depp was asked what he told the doctor about how he injured his finger.

“I told him that obviously there was, I mean, when you see the damage to the house and the blood everywhere, obviously there is serious damage,” he began.

“There would be no point in lying to the man, he had been through that with me and Ms. Heard before.”

“I told him I dropped a bottle of vodka and it popped, popped and cut my finger,” he said, before quickly correcting that it was just “the tip” of his finger.

“A good piece. I miss him,” she joked and giggled.

During his own testimony last month, Dr. Kipper told the court that he arrived at the house from Australia to find Depp bleeding profusely, but was unsure how he had been injured. The court heard that Depp told emergency room staff that he had cut himself with a knife.

Although Depp claims his finger was cut by a thrown vodka bottle Per Heard, she testified that he was injured when he smashed a phone into the wall.

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