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Demi Rose.

“The most wonderful and seductive woman.” This is how they described DemiRose Thousands of users on Instagram. The British model dazzled again with her beauty and that tempting anatomy to more than one thanks to some postcards and a video where her charms became the center of attention.

With three provocative images and a video where she appears on a swing, the influencer generated all kinds of reactions and compliments towards her exuberant figure, thanks to the fact that she was encouraged to pose in a very sensual way from a beautiful beach. while she looks from the front and lying on her stomach in an original black mini-bikini that gave something to talk about because the swimsuit has feathers on the top.

“Days like this 🤎”, is the short text that the young woman wrote at the bottom of the photos that have so far received more than 219,000 little red hearts.

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It is worth mentioning that Demi Rose is on vacation in Mexico, for this reason she also wanted to share some postcards from the visit she made to the pyramids of Chichén Itzá, where she took the opportunity to model in a sheath in a low-cut top without a brahat to cover herself from the heat, and a woven sarong that left part of her legs visible.


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