Defendant in case of alleged theft of creditor ticket of the $2,000 million Powerball assures that Edwin Castro is not the winner | The USA Print

Defendant in case of alleged theft of creditor ticket of the $2,000 million Powerball assures that Edwin Castro is not the winner | The USA Print

A Powerball player in California.

A Powerball player in California.

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Urachi F. Romero (“Reggie”) assured that he did not steal the winning ticket of the $2,000 million Powerball in California and that the ticket corresponds to his landlord José Rivera, who presented a lawsuit against Edwin Castro and against him for alleged fraud.

More than two months after the lawsuit filed by Rivera against Romero became public, Castro and the California Lottery, he said in an interview that It has nothing to do with the alleged theft of the document.

In statements to the New York Post released on Saturday, Romero alleged that Rivera showed him the ticket he had bought. at Joe’s Service Center in Altadena on November 7, the night before the drawing.

The winning numbers of the rollwhich was carried out early the next day due to a delay in the supply of sales data to the lottery, were: 10, 33, 41, 47, 56, and the Powerball, 10.

Romero, who was initially identified in the lawsuit only as Reggie, recounted that remember that he asked Rivera why he had selected number 10 on two occasions.

I saw José Rivera with that ticket…he showed it to me“, Romero raised in the interview that appears on video.

I asked him why he chose 10 twice. He told me that was the day both parents died. He chose 47 because that’s his age. He also said that his dad always wanted a 1956 Chevy pickup, so he selected the 56. He had a reason for choosing each of the numbers and he told me that before (the draw),” added the man.

According to Romero, he has received threats since Rivera filed the lawsuit in which he appears as the person who stole the ticket corresponding to the highest number in the history of the lottery in the United States.

In this sense, Romero insisted that he did not appropriate the ticket and that has no ties to Castro, the person who claimed the award and that he was identified by the California Lottery as the rightful winner of the $2 billion.

“It may be dirty or fake, but actually, José Rivera showed me that ticket before I knew it was the winning ticket.“, raised the interviewee.

But I don’t know how he lost that ticket“he added. “I hope my name is cleared because it is very rare that I am in the middle of all this money, but I still have nothing. How do I steal a ticket that is worth billions of dollars and I don’t have one?”, explained the Hispanic.

Romero explained that he rented a room to Rivera at the end of last year when he was struggling with his finances.

Rivera, a landscaper, even planted grass in the front yard of the house.

The relationship between the two was affected after Rivera did not find the ticket.

Romero narrated that Rivera desperately searched his room and even demanded to examine other spaces in the house.

I let him check my things because I have nothing to hide“, he declared.

Romero even videotaped Rivera in his bedroom.

In the pictures, Rivera is seen meticulously inspecting even a Bible.

Rivera’s lawyer told the same newspaper last week that Romero took the ticket from a table without giving further details..

In the lawsuit, it is only pointed out that Romero stole the ticket and did not want to return it to Rivera.

The interviewee added that the ticket may have been taken by a friend of Rivera’s who was staying at the house before the draw and that he took the draw’s work pants the next morning. Supposedly, this person has a connection to the Castro family.

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