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Deepthi Sunaina

Deepthi Sunaina: Everyone is familiar with Deepthi Sunaina who has become a celebrity through social media. This beauty who got good recognition with dub smash videos also got an opportunity in Bigg Boss. She also acted on the silver screen. At first, she got some negativity in the public with her antics, but then she gradually acquired a positive image. People became a bit cool as he apologized for his unknowing mistakes on the net. Deepti understands Sunaya.

Deepthi Sunaina
Deepthi Sunaina

And this is not all the fuss made by this woman with Shannu. It is known that there was a love affair between the two for a few days. Shannu He also entered the Bigg Boss house and won fans. Deepti Sunayana doesn’t like Shannu’s romance with Siri in the Bigg Boss house. That’s why after coming out of the Bigg Boss house, she broke up with Shannu. Since then, these two have not been seen anywhere together. Both worlds are different.

Deepthi Sunaina Shannu

Recently, Deepti Sunayana shared a kiss with her fans. Answered their questions. A netizen asked this advice. I don’t have the courage to say one sided love and I love you, what should I do? he asked. Deepti Sunayana gave an interesting answer to this. Some things need to be done immediately. Delay is of no use later. She said that if you are hungry, you should eat immediately.. When you are in love like this, you should say it immediately.. otherwise you will be in the same situation as me.

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