Deadpool 3: Shawn Levy talks about the alleged cameos that the sequel will have

Deadpool 3: Shawn Levy talks about the alleged cameos that the sequel will have - Tomatazos

Deadpool 3 It is one of the most anticipated premieres by Marvel fans, and the arrival of this character to the UCM seems to pave the way for new trends that are really necessary for the franchise that has had serious problems maintaining the loyalty of its followers. Precisely for this reason, the film is one of the ones that generates the most rumors and expectations about its story, its connection with the rest of the saga, its cast and the possible cameos it will show, something that Shawn Levy decided to talk about for the first time. in a new interview.

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Deadpool’s move to the UCM

No one can deny that the UCM changed the film industry forever, since its way of organizing and structuring unified universes is one that other companies have copied seeking similar results. Although the brand already had several adaptations that were a commercial success, such as X-Men – Deadpool 3: Shawn Levy talks about the alleged cameos that the sequel will have81% or Fantastic Four (2005) – 27%, there had never been any thought of bringing together the heroes as happens in the comics. Things turned out great at first, but it didn’t take long for other creators to use these installments as an example of what they didn’t want to achieve with their own superhero movies.

Marvel began to be considered more childish and predictable, which allowed the arrival of great experiments in cinema and Deadpool – Deadpool 3: Shawn Levy talks about the alleged cameos that the sequel will have84% was one of the most successful. After the terrible reception of X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 38%, Ryan Reynolds wanted to repair the damage done to the figure of the mercenary and spent many years trying to make a solo film. At first it was very difficult because Fox did not believe that a story for adults could be so successful at the box office, but upon seeing the fans’ desire they realized that it was an aspect that was not yet widely exploited in the superhero genre.

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Deadpool 3 logo (Source: IMDb)
Deadpool 3 logo (Source: IMDb)

Despite the growing boredom with superhero movies, Deadpool 2 – Deadpool 3: Shawn Levy talks about the alleged cameos that the sequel will have85% was also a box office success that lived up to fans’ expectations, so a third installment was the obvious step. However, things changed when Disney bought Fox and regained the licenses for certain Marvel characters that had been left adrift. This was fine for fans who lamented the creation of X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 29% and Fantastic Four – 9%, but it became a point of doubt for this other character who didn’t seem to fit with the more traditional and familiar MCU.

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Kevin Feige’s promise is that Deadpool will maintain the same tone and rating as always, but the public still has their doubts. When Reynolds announced the official return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the perception of the project completely changed and it became one of the most interesting premieres of the franchise, one that could also help fans regain faith in the saga and the tired theme of multiverses. Due to this impulse, the production of Deadpool 3 She is surrounded by rumors about her story and her cameos, and the director is aware of each of them.

In interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shawn Levy spoke a little about the film, what we can expect from the story and all the cameos that have allegedly been confirmed in recent months:

I’d rather not comment on that (the cameos), but I will say this: the rumors of actors, singers, and sports stars apparently being in Deadpool 3 are terrific. If everything I read was from the Internet, it would have the best cast ever assembled in the history of cinema, so I’ll just say that some of those rumors are true and some are not.

Names like Morena Baccarin and Brianna Hildebrand, who appeared in the first installments, have already been confirmed, in addition to Emma Corrin as a new addition, but for months now other quite interesting ones have been mentioned that, if true, would help exploit the game to the fullest. theme of the multiverse in Marvel. For example, there is talk that Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and even Liev Schreiber could return for the sequel, although it is generally believed that they will be fun cameos that will not necessarily contribute much to the plot as such.

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