David Bisbal’s brother dares a new challenge after starting his new life in a wheelchair


A year has passed since the disappearance of José María’s brother, brother of David Bisbal. During the search, the family feared the worst, but he was finally found alive in the urban area. He suffered a spinal injury that left him in a wheelchair, and he was admitted to the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo for six months, as he said. Informal last November. At that time he felt grateful to be alive and spoke with an optimism that he maintains to this day. In fact, He counts down the days to participate in a sporting event that he is very excited about.

Far from standing idly by, José María turned his life around after leaving the hospital and immersed himself in a new hobby: para-badminton. For this reason, he joined FESBA, the Spanish Badminton Federation, and trained until he became one of the best shuttlecocks. Now, prepares for the start of the third edition of the Spanish International Paraabadminton, a tournament that will be held between April 15 and 21 in Vitoria-Gasteiz. As reported The Spanishthe eldest of the Bisbals has confirmed his attendance.

Nearly 300 athletes will meet at the Aranalde Sports Center, where on the 15th José María will play between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. This championship will allow athletes to qualify for a place in the Paralympic Games that will be held in Paris in 2024, between August 28 and September 8.

José María appears in the WH1 categoryto which players who have “a considerable limitation of movement on one side of the body up to the middle of the torso and legs” belong, according to Club Zuzenak.

“I was recently discharged from this magnificent hospital where I have been admitted for almost five months due to a spinal cord injury,” José María explained to Informalgiving a whole survival lesson: “You can live like this, in fact, I am living like this and I am completely self-sufficient, I don’t need help from anyone.” Of course, the road was not easy, even more so when the brothers were dealing with their father’s Alzheimer’s. The problems accumulated, but they managed to move forward: “I arrived with quite severe depression, because this injury is difficult to accept. But once accepted and assimilated, I decided to move forward! “I am very happy and eager to enjoy life.”.

David Bisbal has remained very close to his brother throughout the entire process, as well as being very aware of the patients at the hospital where José María was admitted. Last January, he performed a surprise concert for them. “José Mari has not come, he is in Almería. He is in love with badminton right now and has found a brutal vocation,” he said.