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Daredevil: Showrunner of the Netflix seasons assures that Born Again is a Disney scam - Tomatazos


The next premiere of Daredevil: Born Again is generating a lot of expectations among fans of the Man Without Fear, among other things, because the character of Matt Murdock will once again be played by Charlie Cox. Therefore, according to Comic Book, Born Again is, for some, a re-release rather than a reboot. The series will be loosely based on the legendary comic book arc of Daredevil: Born Againwhich takes place in issues #227-#233 and was written by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli in the drawing. It was first published in 1986 and is one of the superhero’s most important and popular story arcs, but the Disney project is not expected to be a very faithful adaptation. Now, despite some significant changes to the story, Daredevil versus Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, remains the focal point.

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Despite the good projections regarding the audience, the next premiere has not been liked by very specific people who worked on the three Netflix seasons, before its cancellation in 2018, and they refer to this reboot as “an old rip-off “Disney.” A former member of the Netflix production tweeted:

I worked on all the Marvel shows on Netflix, which were canceled in the second or third season. Our contracts only give us full vacation pay (like 36 cents per hour worked or something like that) on the third season shows. In four years of working I never got a raise or vacation pay. I took away like $20,000.

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Daredevil: Born Again poster.  (Image: Disney)
Daredevil: Born Again poster. (Image: Disney)

In another tweet, the same user tagged Steven DeKnightwho served as showrunner of the Netflix series:

And not only did they cancel Daredevil once the team got their full raise and vacation pay… The Disney+ reboot returns to the terms of the first season’s IATSE contract. It’s a damn scam. I wonder if @stevendeknight knows!

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DeKnight did not wait for his response. He said:

He knows it (referring to himself). It’s an old Disney scam where they slightly change the name of a series to reset the contract terms to the first season. This needs to be discussed and attacked by all guilds/unions!

He complemented the above by saying:

To be clear, I can’t wait to see Cox and the incredible @vincentdonofrio reprise their iconic roles. But claiming that this is a complete reboot and that you don’t have to pay the original creatives is, at the very least, corporate misdeeds.

The portal Comic Book, expresses that what DeKnight said could be an unfounded accusation. Since Disney has changed the names of the characters of certain shows after the first seasons, including The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Liv and Maddie and Hannah Montana. On the other hand, Born Again is part of the series inspired by Marvel superheroes that were withdrawn from Netflix, once Disney positioned itself as the owner of all the rights to the characters.

Marc Jobst, who directed some key episodes in the Netflix production, commented in a recent interview (via Comic Book) that although this version of Daredevil will have a PG-13 rating, he believes that Cox, D’Onofrio and Bernthal would not have agreed to work on the series if they did not have good expectations about it:

I have no idea what they are doing or how they are approaching the Disney version of those worlds (…) But I can’t imagine that Charlie, Vince and Jon would commit to something they consider bland. They just wouldn’t do it. So, one way or another, Disney must have persuaded them to say, ‘This is a journey worth taking.

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