Danielle Balavoine’s daughter opens up about her former cocaine addiction | The USA Print

The daughter of Daniel Balavoine, who tragically died in a helicopter crash shortly before she was born, talks about cocaine as the drug that has affected his life the most. She explains how her use began after toxic encounters with people who pushed her to use regularly, even at night. She describes how addiction took over her life, with symptoms ranging from fatigue to pain in the nose, teeth and head.

“We have a nose ache, then we are tired, then we have a toothache, then we have a headache. Then we are tired! It’s tiring!

Joana also recounts how her father’s absence created an emotional void in her, making her more vulnerable to drugs. She explains how she sought to fill this void by allowing herself to be carried away by those she believed to be her friends, but who turned out to be unsavory associates. However, after years of struggle, Joana managed to get out of this infernal spiral. She talks about her long work on herselfwho helped her understand that her dating locked him in this life and pushed her to make the decision to change (source 1).

“We all consume, we are together in the same boat. In the morning, it was a coffee, a rail of coke and a joint (…) we believe that life is that, that everything is fine”, Joana recalls.

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