Daniel Casares triumphs with a ‘sold out’ at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet by the hand of SO-LA-NA | The USA Print

Daniel Casares triumphs with a 'sold out' at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet by the hand of SO-LA-NA



The artist from Malaga Daniel Casares, one of the flamenco guitarists with the greatest projection on the current scene, takes his new project ‘Magiterráneo’ to the Riga National Opera and Balletthe capital of Latvia, backed by the production company SO-LA-NA Entertainment.

As part of a mini tour of the country, Casares has offered, with this production, a collection of eleven songs with which he has conquered the Latvian publicwho has been carried away by his incomparable interpretations, a mixture of alegrías, tarantas, soleá, bulerías and tangos, through the universal language of the guitar, achieving that in Latvijas Nacional Opera a Balets -Opera and National Ballet of Latvia-, the ‘sold out’ sign was hung. A reception that has exceeded all expectations and that only reaffirms the potential of flamenco outside our country.

At just 16 years old, he was awarded the prestigious Bordón Minero at the International Festival of Cante de las Minas de La Unión, becoming the youngest guitarist to date to achieve it. In addition, he is the Jaén National Guitar Award Winner, and there are countless collaborations of him with other highly prestigious professional colleagues, such as; Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Poveda, Dulce Pontes, Pasión Vega, Antonio Orozco or José Mercé.

The next stop on this tour will take place at the Ventspils City Concert Hall, where a great reception from the public is also expected.

This production adds to the different international tours that SO-LA-NA has been carrying out in recent months, while continuing to reap success with the fifth season of Flamenco Real at the Teatro Real.

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