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The player would have been forgotten by one of the few people who still supported him.

The player would have been forgotten by one of the few people who still supported him.

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It seems that Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves is increasingly isolated from the outside world, with fewer and fewer people left to support him during his stay in Brians II prison. of the city of Barcelona while the investigation against him is being carried out for allegedly having sexually assaulted a woman in a nightclub in the Spanish city.

One of those who had supported him the most in these 90 days that he has already been behind bars was his brother Ney Alves, who constantly sent messages of support and he even showed his anger at the divorce request made by Joana Sanz a couple of weeks ago due to the betrayal he suffered from the Brazilian international on December 30.

What happens is that Ney Alves shared an emotional message last Saturday through the stories of his account on the Instagram social network, where he thanked God for all the benefits that you have been given in the last year and stressed that you do not have any requests to make for the future; With this, he put aside the request for the release of his brother who still faces a sentence of between 8 and 10 years in prison for the crime of sexual assault.

Jesus, today I don’t want to ask you for anything. I just want to thank you for my health, for my family, for daily bread, for my freedom and for the opportunity of one more day.. Thank you God, ”expressed the brother of the former FC Barcelona player and the Pumas de la UNAM in his publication.

These words largely contradict the statements made by Ney Alves a few weeks ago after finding out that Joana Sanz asked her brother for a divorce, assuring that no person should be trusted and where she gave Dani her full support.

I’m going to give you some advice, and it’s good even for me. Never expect consideration, recognition or loyalty from anyone. We have to be alert, because the same person who does you great good is the same person who will throw you to the ground tomorrow and crush you mercilessly,” Ney said at the time, sharing a video on social media.

Currently, the defense of Dani Alves headed by Cristóbal Martell continues to work hard to demonstrate to the Spanish Justice that his client is completely innocent of the charges against him, although the evidence against him has gained more and more strength.

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