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Dani Alves is in a prison in Barcelona.

Dani Alves is in a prison in Barcelona.

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After almost three months in prison and several failed attempts to get out of it, the Brazilian Dani Alves has once again asked the Barcelona Justice to be allowed the privilege of conditional release, alleging that He has a “life project” in the city and proof of this is the fact that his children study there, so it would be “unthinkable” for him to try to leave Spain.

The defense of the former FC Barcelona player, led by lawyers Cristóbal Martell and Arnau Xumetra have filed an appeal before the Court of Barcelona with the intention of changing the decision of the judge who sent him to jail on January 20 for allegedly raping a woman in a bathroom at the Sutton nightclub in the Catalan capital.

It should be remembered that the Brazilian had already requested that he be allowed parole on April 20, after having requested an appointment with the judge to change his version of the facts for the fourth time. However, his request was denied.

The Brazilian international’s lawyers maintain in their appeal that the flight risk is “non-existent” given that the evidence in the case provides a “solid perspective and muscle” for the defense. “Dani Alves can and wants to defend himself and will not evade the process”, clinch the writing.

In addition, for the lawyers, “the escape adventure” of the footballer is unthinkable because fleeing would mean “an insufferable burden for the subject and unnecessary self-disgrace and for the family and children” that Alves “does not want to provoke”.

In order to avert the risk of escape, Alves’ lawyers emphasize that he has a “life project” in Barcelona, ​​where he has always wanted his children to receive a university educationso he has registered them in Spain, where his eldest son will study the last year of high school.

The appeal also refutes the arguments of the private prosecution, which argues that Alves’ flight risk has increased after his wife, lThe model Joana Sanz, announced last month through social networks her intention to separate from him after eight years of marriage.

With this objective, the lawyers have provided the Court of Barcelona with a screenshot of the judicial files of the footballer, in which there is no petition for divorce filed by his wife.

With information from EFE.

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