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La guacamaya fue enviada a un centro veterinario para que pueda regresar a su hábitat natural.

The macaw was sent to a veterinary center so that it can return to its natural habitat.

Photo: YURI CORTEZ / AFP / Getty Images

Football often has curious episodes that are easy to remember but what was seen this Tuesday during the match between Estoril and Estrela Amadora U-23 very rarely happened when a macaw decided to become the protagonist of the party.

A goal from Estrela Amadora in the first half had made the local Estoril come out with everything in the complement to look for a goal that would allow them to get back on the scoreboard but when it seemed that the goal of equality was about to fall, the offense stopped by the bird.

As if it were in its natural habitat, the bird perched on the grass and at no time did it see or feel threatened by players or staff who tried to remove it.

In fact, the macaw even had the opportunity to try to escape once when those responsible for the stadium tried to put a jacket on it in two attempts to catch it and could not.

In the end the bird could be captured to take it for medical examination with a veterinarian and the video on social networks accumulated thousands of shares and likes due to the fun of the situation, quickly going viral.

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