Family photo of the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards, this Tuesday.

The first edition of Global Waves Podcast Awards They already have everything ready. Participants, winners and guests have been received this Tuesday for a summer day in Malaga, before the delivery ceremony that will be held from eight o’clock at Antonio Banderas’ Teatro del Soho Caixabank. The ceremony and the preliminary arrival of its guests can be followed from 7:00 p.m. through this live broadcast.

Organized by Prisa Audio and Cadena SER, in collaboration with Spotify, the awards have an international vocation and were born to give visibility to the music industry podcast, recognizing the work, creativity and innovation of its professionals. “That is why the choice of Malaga for this gala is perfect: as the podcast, combines culture and innovation”, underlined María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, General Director of PRISA Audio. Up to 888 candidates from 15 countries presented themselves to be part of what is already the great meeting of the sector at an international level.

Malaga City Hall has been the place chosen this afternoon to welcome the winners at the ceremony, which will be presented —under the script of El Terrat— by Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín. Both are the creators of stretching the gumprecisely awarded as the best podcast of the year with Deformed Weekly Ideal Total, by Lucía Lijtmaer and Isabel Calderón. Winners such as Luis Zahera, Molo Cebrián, Javier Aznar, Jeremy Leroux, Eliane Vigneron, Mia Font, Martin Cruz and Catalina May have posed in the family photo together with the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the president of the Provincial Council, Francisco Salado or the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, Carmen Casero.

They were accompanied by Eduardo Alonso, director of studies for southern and eastern Europe at Spotify; Carlos Núñez, president of PRISA Media; Jesús Aspra, Director of Digital Operations at PRISA Media; José Gutiérrez, General Director of Digital Solutions and Technology at Prisa Media; Montserrat Domínguez, content director of the SER chain; Ignacio Soto, General Director of Cadena SER; and María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros. Also by José Manuel Atencia, director of SER in Malaga, which celebrates 40 years of broadcasting in the province this year. “We are very excited that this first edition of the awards is being held in this city”, Atencia underlined.

The red carpet has already been rolled out next to the Teatro del Soho Caixabank, where this afternoon the last touches were being given to celebrate the gala, which will have 600 guests from the world of culture, journalism, the audio industry or the companies. Both the presenters and the artists who will perform live —María Peláe, Víctor Elías and the beatboxer Pablo Mora— have spent the morning participating in the final rehearsals so as not to leave any loose ends.

The awards ceremony will also be broadcast live through the websites of Cadena SER and the main PRISA Group radio stations in Latin America, such as Caracol Radio, ADN Chile and W Radio México. Among the main familiar faces that will pass through the photo call and the red carpet are Quique Peinado, Manuel Burque, Lucía Lijtmaer, Isabel Calderón, Henar Álvarez, Molo Cebrián, Lalachus, Javier Aznar, Marion Reimers, Luis Zahera, Nuria Pérez or Antonio Rubio. Before, in addition, there will be a pre-show with some of the winners that can be followed live through the Twitter account of the Ondas awards (@Premios_Ondas) and on Twitter Spain (@TwitterSpain); Y hour 25 from Cadena SER, a program that celebrates its 50th anniversary, moves to the theatrical space to do a special live program led by Aimar Bretos.

Family photo of the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards, this Tuesday.
Family photo of the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards, this Tuesday.Garcia-Santos (El Pais)

The Ondas Globales Podcast Awards aim to reward the best productions in the podcast world, a growing industry that PRISA has been betting on since 2016, the year in which it launched Podium Podcast, a platform that offers nearly 200 productions. Beyond the recognition of the best podcast of the Year for Deformed Weekly Ideal Total Y stretching the gum, tonight another twenty awards are given that recognize the work of a wide variety of professionals. Thus, the revelation prize has gone to Best regards, by Pablo Juanarena, who portrays football and sports journalism in Spain. And the trajectory award has been ex aequo for Molo Cebrián, ”for having become one of the podcasters of reference, placing mental health as a topic that connects us and of massive interest”, according to the jury, and the production company El Terrat, for being one of the pioneering audiovisual companies that came to the world of podcastwhere one of the most listened to in the world in Spanish stands out: nobody knows anything, which Andreu Buenafuente and Berto Romero present on Cadena SER. “Almost 10 years ago we started this program that was born with a spirit podcast, although within the radio grid. That is why this genre is very natural to us”, Buenafuente assured EL PAÍS.

In the general category, where there were 399 candidates, the best podcast of fiction has been for case 63, the most listened to fiction on Spotify in Latin America and in which the psychiatrist Elisa Aldunate confronts the story of a patient who threatens the frontiers of what is possible. The best podcast of non-fiction is, ex aequofor Carrier —a Mexican production that approaches the international war on drugs— and LAG: The trianglewhich brings together victims and executioners of the dirty war against ETA 40 years after the first GAL attack. the rawfrom Argentina and produced by Spotify, has been considered the best podcast conversational, in which Migue Granados interviews different personalities with unique lives.

Hotel Jorge Juanpresented by Javier Aznar, has been considered the best branded-podcast for its leisurely conversation and its intimate atmosphere. The best podcast experimental, Solaris, presented by the writer and thinker Jorge Carrión, helps to understand the new times of algorithms and artificial intelligence. The French L’écho du Bataclan has been chosen best podcast international in non-Spanish speaking and Lokatzaa project led by women that explores today’s world from a feminist perspective, the best podcast in co-official language.

In the rest of the categories —with 415 entries admitted— there are half a dozen more prizes. The best sound design goes to The sphere, Podium Podcast production with specific work by Teo Rodríguez. The best script goes to The Hitmanwhich radiographs the Jalisco New Generation cartel and the best production, war 3, Podium Podcast fiction that delves into the reality of North Korea. Sports journalist Marion Reimiers has been named best host for her football to death, a space focused on recalling some of the most emblematic cases of foul play in this sport in Latin America. Lolita Flores and Luis Zahera have been appointed, ex aequoas best actor or actress of podcast. The first for fuckingdirected by Mona León Siminiani and text by María Dueñas, and the second by The sphere, Podium Podcast production directed by Polo Menárguez. Also ex aequo, cabinet of curiosities Y the rare They have won the award for best episode.

María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, general director of PRISA Audio, during the previous meeting this afternoon between the Malaga authorities and the guests at the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards.
María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, general director of PRISA Audio, during the previous meeting this afternoon between the Malaga authorities and the guests at the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards.Garcia-Santos (El Pais)

The first edition of these awards has had the support of the Malaga City Council, the Malaga Provincial Council, Turismo Costa del Sol, CaixaBank, BMW, El Corte Inglés and Seagram’s, with official Renfe transport. The awards follow in the footsteps of the Ondas Awards that PRISA awards annually through Ràdio Barcelona (Cadena SER), the oldest radio station in Spain. The Ondas are considered to be the most prestigious radio and television awards given in Spain, and on November 16 they held their 68th edition gala, breaking registration records.

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