Cristiano Ronaldo exploded after a new setback by Al-Nassr, who sees the Saudi Professional League escape | The USA Print

CR7 claimed some shares from its rivals.

CR7 claimed some shares from its rivals.

Photo: Fayez NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

He Al-Nassr by Cristiano Ronaldo has stumbled once again in the Saudi Professional League by drawing with a score of 1-1 against Al-Feiha, a fact that takes them three points away from the top dominated by the Al Ittihad.

But in addition to the commotion for the marker, The bug went viral after images of his anger spread. He specifically was seen arguing with rival players on his way to the locker room, whom he claimed to have locked himself in throughout the game.

Al-Nassr currently has 56 points in the Saudi Professional League, three less than Al Ittihad in the same number of games played.

This is not the first time that Cristiano has shown his anger in Arabia. In mid-March, the Portuguese did not agree with an arbitration decision, so he proceeded to kick the ball from the middle of the field and thus ended up earning his first yellow card with the team.

But the bad news continues for Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, since in the event of a tie on points the outlook would be favorable for Al-Ittihad, since they signed a goalless draw and a 1-0 victory against Al-Nassr.

The next game of The Knights of Najd will take place on April 18 against their historic rival, Al Hilal, in their visit to the King Fahd International Stadium.

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