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The Crater of Diamonds State Park, in Arkansas, has been the scene where a diamond was discovered that has been named “Bud”, in honor of its discoverer.

This find was made by David Anderson, a tourist originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee and a regular visitor to Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Anderson, declared after having found the gem; “That’s for ‘Big, Ugly Diamond.'” For this reason, he is called Bud.

A visit to Crater of Diamonds State Parkit was worth finding the brown diamond of 3.29 carats on March 4.

As a curious fact, park authorities shared that daily visitors find one or two diamondsso they are allowed to keep them.

These, each day search a plowed field of 37.5 acres, which corresponds to “the eroded surface of an ancient volcanic crater containing diamonds.”

Regarding his first impressions after sighting the stone, Anderson said:

“At first I thought it was quartz, but I was wondering why it was so shiny.”

Then, he explained that it was enough for him to look carefully at the object.

“Once I picked it up, I realized it was a diamond!” she enthused.

David Anderson / Image: Crater of Diamonds State Park

Anderson discovered the Park on television

This finding comes after 16 years in which Anderson has gone to the parka regular visit for him since he found out about the findings thanks to television.

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He explained that in his first find, he found a White diamond of 1.5 carats, and to date accumulates more than 400 diamonds in his collection.

Other interesting encounters

The fortunate Anderson, explained that throughout the years that he has been visiting the Park, he has also found a yellow diamond 3.83 carats.

Another not inconsiderable finding occurred when another White diamond 6.19 carats.

When asked about the fate of the stone that he found at the beginning of the month, anderson He said he plans to sell it to expert jewelers.

To get an idea of ​​the stone’s characteristics, the park’s interpreter, Tayler Markham, detailed its size and shape:
“about the size of an English pea, light brown in color and octahedral in shape.”

And he added that the smooth, rounded edges of the recent find of anderson they are typical.

This is due to “resorption” during the eruption that first spewed the park’s diamonds to the surface.

As a curious fact, the diamond is the largest found in the Park since September 2021.

On that occasion, a visitor from Granite Bay, California, found a yellow diamond 4.38 carats.

Throughout this year, a far from discreet amount of 124 diamonds have been found in the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

How to Get a Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park

To take home these unusual and ostentatious souvenirs, visitors can rent digging and sifting tools.

When collecting them, the park rangers provide advice and identification of the stones found within the site.

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Get to know the Crater of Diamonds State Park

According to officials, more than 75,000 diamonds They have been found since 1906.

Of these, more than 35,000 They have been found since the area was designated a State Park in 1972.

In 1924, a White diamond with a pink mold with 40.23 carats.

Inside the park, the biggest diamond never found in the US

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